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Both cats gone off wet food :(

Hi all,

Bit of history - bro & sis cat 2.5yrs old, always fed wet food twice a day, dry food left down all day for them to graze on. Use either butchers classic cat food or pets at home own brand due to me not wanting to use other brands which are not cruelty free (bizarre reasons for some I know but not for me)

Anyhoo, the last couple of weeks they have both refused to eat their wet food. I've tried adding niceties to it such as scramby eggs, tuna etc tried reducing the amount, tried warming it a little etc but no. They will not eat it. (although they did wolf down the tuna one!) They are both still displaying normal behaviour, weeing etc (cant see about the other as they go outside somewhere!)

They are however, going through their dried food like a dose of salts :eek: so at least they are eating something. I've moved their water so it wasnt right next to their food to make sure they want to drink lots.

But basically I just wanted to check: a) are they just being a bit fussy and its ok as long as they are eating something b) do you think its cos they havent been going out much lately cos of the snow so arent burning off much energy therefore the dry food is enough c) should I take them to the vets?

Many thanks for your thoughts

But I want a golden goose daddy and I want it right NOW!!!!!

Yes Verucca dear. :rotfl:


  • My cat goes off wet food every now and again, so I dont bother with it for while, then reintroduce it a week or two later, he decides he may want it occasionally. More often than not, he will eat all the jelly or gravy and leave the meat.
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