asos 20% code with Company mag - I've got the mag! But there's a snag...

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YasminaYasmina Forumite
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However...theyve toughened up. You can't use one code for all, as with past asos codes.

You HAVE to buy the magazine (I subscribe) and at the front you will have a unique code. You then register this code on a website (NOT the Company website) - ts and cs - "users are only eligible to register once and the system will recognise if the Company lucky number has already been used".

I don't even know if the code works, even for the mag owner - next to my code are the words "Is this your lucky number?"

Anyway, there's the deal! I'm going to try and register my number and see what comes up. Sorry I can't be any more helpful than that :confused:


  • YasminaYasmina Forumite
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    This is rubbish...I cant see any obvious way to register the number I've already got. BTW it IS a Company mag website. "Get Lippy". You also can't use the code til 28 May (!!) and only on full price items...
  • i've been waiting for the code to come out so i can buy some things i've had my eye on, really disappointed now..... :mad: all the register this and that puts me off - hassle factor outways the % off in my view. Will buy the bikini off miss selfridge instead using the diet code promo code :D
  • YasminaYasmina Forumite
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    Yeah me too - I'm really disappointed. It's really complicated - not your average code! I registered 2 hours ago and haven't received a code at all - and I actually bought the mag!! All the mag does is refer you to the website...where upon registering, you get precisely...nothing!
  • *speed-queen**speed-queen* Forumite
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    how rude!

    theyve been making it harder and harder for us for ages

    and not on sale items either, tsk tsk

    they cant just change the rules, its not the way we do it

    well they can just change the rules, but they shouldnt

  • chocolateypiechocolateypie Forumite
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    Well I'm certainly going to cut down on the amount of things I buy from them, which is quite a lot considering I really liked asos before they turned nazi with discount codes - I'm by no means loaded so always appreciate discount codes :)

    Such swines... :/
  • chaniescchaniesc Forumite
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    CAn anyone tell me where am I meant to put the "lucky number" ?
  • i think u can still use it on sale items, as long as you put a full sale item in the basket first. and then take it out at check out after code has been applied?? that normally works
  • *speed-queen**speed-queen* Forumite
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    im thinking maybe you put the lcuky number in the asos discount code box........................... im not gonna buy the magazine though untill it works for sum1 else
  • On the magazine it says that the code's valid from 28th May to 3rd June, so maybe that's why no one's got their codes yet? Maybe they won't start emailing codes until then? In any case that is a really short time frame and just shows how tight they are :( but hey it's better than 0%...
  • chaniescchaniesc Forumite
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    Yeah i have just read that too so we have to wait nearly 4 weeks !!! :mad:
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