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A few years back I had a NCD of 10 years, then changed insures to CIS, who unbeknownst to me calculated NCD to a maximum of 5 years and in %, so I immediately lost 5 years, harsh penalty for joining!! – was insured for 2 years (like a twit forgot to take out NCD protection) and in Feb 07 had a £600 claim (no occupants in either vehicles!!) was informed I would loose 2 years from NCD that would be ok from 10 years but disastrous from 5. Renewal premium has nearly doubled, and have 3 years NCD instead of 8, do have letter from 1st insurer stating 10 years but CIS say nothing they can do am stuck with 3 years. Will change insures but is there anyway I can get a new insurer to consider these circumstances and get some more years?.


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    insurers class 5 years as maximum so even if you had 10 years then you would have still dropped back to 3 years NCD after a fault claim
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    As above..............
    Baby Ice arrived 17th April 2011.! :j
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    Kyote - were you with Esure before?
    They give a 75% NCD for 10 yrs. They allow 70% for 5 years and then 1% additional discount for years 6-10.
    Now the question is, after an accident do they take you back to 73% (8 yrs) or is there a catch?

    Mackem and iceicebaby are correct about the rest of the market. Just seems like you have been spoilt so to speak by Esure.
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    Doesn't matter if you had 10 or 50 claim free years, most ins co's only use a maximum of 5 years. Only way you would have not lost any NCD was not to have been a twit (your words not mine :D ) and protected them.

    Also I don't think a new insurer would consider your previous NCD as you have since had a claim.
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