Newbie to MFW - can I join in please?

Hi there,

Just bought my first home and am sat here thinking about paying off the mortgage sensibly.

Have spoken to Halifax this morning and after 3 phone calls have finally found out how much to pay and which method suits me best.

I'll be setting up a standing order to go out the same day as my regular mortgage payment for about £400 each month if possible - hopefully saving me a small fortune in the long run.

I have a limit of 10% maximum overpayment within the 2 years of the fixed rate mortgage but will try to fill an ISA with any pennies leftover.

Looking forward to joining you all and sharing my DFW journey :D

Just a note to anyone with a Halifax mortgage - I was advised today that a new (almost) real-time system will be introduced in March which will allow customers to track their mortgage balance, interest and payments. Bring it on!


  • Of course you can join! I kinda jumped in and didn't ask though so maybe I'm not the best to ask! :p

    Sounds like you have a good solid plan, good luck!
  • *Jellie**Jellie* Forumite
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    Welcome Louby and good luck with becoming MF!
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  • kansaskittykansaskitty Forumite
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    Hiya Louby, I am with the Halifax, OPing by SO each month and started my own MFW journal on here today too! What a coinky-dink!

    Congrats on starting your MFW journey and I will be reading along with great interest! :D Great news about the Halifax real time system too! Thanks for writing.

    KK xx
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  • Tilly_MFW_in_6_YRSTilly_MFW_in_6_YRS Forumite
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    Hi Louby, good luck with your plans, it's addictive :D

    Tilly x
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  • HelenDaveKidsHelenDaveKids Forumite
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    Welcome on board!
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  • KodagirlKodagirl Forumite
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    Congratulations on sorting out your O/Ps so quick,soooo jealous,took me 7 years to get my brain in gear!!:)
    Wishing you all the best on your MF journey!!!

    If your interested,AG and i,are thinking of setting up a support group, 'Mortgage overpayment calculator annonymous'.I warn you now,dont go near it,its addictive!!!:rotfl:
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