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BT have now published details of their new BT Basic tariff, including the monthly line rental and the inclusive call allowance.

This tariff comes into effect on the 30 April 2007.

BT Basic is a social telephony scheme for customers who are in receipt of certain state benefits and who meet the criteria set out in Eligibility A customer has to make an application for the service which will be verified by the Department for Work & Pensions. If an application is refused for any reason a customer will not be able to re-apply for BT Basic for a minimum period of six months.

BT Basic is only available to new BT customers.


Customers of BT Basic must be in receipt of at least one of the following state benefits:

- Income Support; or
- Income Based Job Seekers Allowance; or
- Guaranteed Pension Credit.

BT will periodically verify with the Department for Work & Pensions a customer's continuing receipt of these benefits and may withdraw BT Basic or transfer the customer from BT Basic to BT Together Option 1 when they are not eligible. If BT does this it will give the customer 30 days notice.

The following conditions exclude customers from being eligible for BT Basic service:

- where the customer or anyone else in the customer's household has fixed telephony service from another supplier (at the same or different premises) either directly or indirectly; or

- where the customer or anyone else in the customer's household has a contract mobile phone (one where bills are issued and payments are made in arrears), or a mobile phone with high "pay as you go" usage where high usage is defined as more than £10.00 per month on average (chronically sick and disabled customers will be exempt from the mobile phone exclusions); or

- where households have more than one line at the same or different address (for example a holiday home), except when, in addition to his/her own line, the customer is paying for a line at the home of a family member (chronically sick and disabled customers who have a 2nd line within the property which is used / registered for their carer, will be exempt from the additional line exclusion); or

- the line is with Incoming Calls Barred (i.e. Outgoing Calls Only); or

- the line is used exclusively in connection with a burglar alarm or other monitoring device (this does not apply to ?lifeline? alarm monitoring systems); or

- the line is provided on Temporary Service terms; or

- the line is a Shared Service Line; or

- the line is a BT Res. Official Line; or

- the line is with Residential BT Rented Cardphones; or

- the line is a Payphone line; or

- the line has ADSL, ISDN or is a business line; or

- the customers has any other optional tariff such as BT Together Options 1, 2 and 3, BT Working Together, BT Together Local Calls Option, BT Call Mobile option and BT Together International Option; or

- the customer has BT's Friends & Family scheme; or - the customers has a PBX; or

- the customer has BT Bill Direct; or

- the customer is also a BT SurfTime customer; or

- the line is for PSTN Split line voice service.

Pricing Information

The BT Basic rental for customers who pay by Direct Debit or using the BT Monthly Payment Plan is £11.49 per quarter (including VAT).

For other customers the BT Basic rental is £14.49 per quarter (including VAT). An early payment discount of £2.00 (Incl. VAT) is credited to the next customer?s bill where the following conditions are met:

- the bill was paid within 8 calendar days (including the time for you payment to reach us and be processed) of the date shown on top of the bill ; and

- the customer is not paying by Direct Debit or the BT Monthly Payment Plan.

BT Basic is only available with quarterly billing and customers may opt to have paper-free billing but will receive no discount.

Inclusive Call Allowance

BT Basic includes an inclusive call allowance of £4.50 (including VAT) per quarter for calls to:

- UK Local and UK National numbers beginning 01 and 02; and

- the Channel Islands; and

- the Republic of Ireland from Northern Ireland; and

- numbers charged at the g21 rate (typically to broadband voice calls beginning 055 and 056; and

- International numbers, excluding satellite calls.

The charges for these calls appear on your bill but you only have to pay for the calls to these destinations that you have made in excess of the £4.50inclusive call allowance. Any unused inclusive call allowance cannot be carried forward to the next quarter.

Call charges

The following calls are charged at 10p/min (including VAT):

- UK Local and UK National calls beginning 01 and 02; and

- calls to Internet Service Providers on numbers beginning 01 and 02; and

- calls to the Channel Islands; and

- calls from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland; and

- calls charged at the g21 rate (typically to broadband voice calls beginning 055 and 056.

All other call charges are the same as BT Together Option 1.

The BT Basic service does not have a minimum period. Your exchange line may have a minimum period and charges may apply if you end your service early.

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