Help! Son Pd. Service Charges To Bank/bank Applied To Gen. Ledger/sent To Cred. Burea

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Listen to this one! Back in Oct-Nov. '06, I started working with my son (moved out and thought he knew what responsibility was!) to get his bills and credit back in order. He had $311.00 in service fees to pay his bank or would be sent to the credit bureau so we started there first. They already closed his acct. On his paydays, I personally drove him to this bank, we had previously worked on his budget for the week and he went inside and pd on the service charge. He then came out with a receipt and showed it to me. Because his acct. was closed, they didn't know where to apply these pmts. and each time he went in there it was a lenghty process with someone making phone calls, etc to figure out what to do with the money. Eventually, it was all pd. off. The last day I took him there, he pd. $33.11, and I told him to get a receipt that said it was paid. He came out with a bank receipt with the amt. on it and it said "service charge paid" This was done by print out.
About 2 weeks ago, he tried to open a checking acct. and was denied. We ordered a copy of his credit rept, and found out that he had a neg. rept. from this bank stating that he never pd. the $311.00 I called the bank, and the person I spoke with, after 10 min., found the pmt. of 33.11 which was put in their general ledger and never applied. But, she could not find any other pmts. We did not keep any other receipts, only the one that said "paid" as I felt, paid meant paid! She said she would need to check into this and would get back with me. I then called the credit bureau, and the man said he had sent out a notice way back then and if he disputed the charge he should have contacted them...blah blah... Two days ago, the man from the credit bureau called again and said he spoke with the bank and that they have no record of any pmt. other than the $33 one, and that my son owed $200 and some dollars to the c.b. I told him this was not the case, as I took him there myself, and saw the receipts myself, and know it was pd. He said, then to provide the receipts. I said I had one that said "paid" and I felt that was sufficient. He said it wasn't.
According to the bank, every time my son pd on this, they were recorded on some kind of bank ledger, which could be one of a hundred different ledgers. It would be like finding a needle in a haystack. I don't understand this, as there must be some way for them to be able to check what he owed as he was paying on this. What kind of record keeping is this, when after 5 months, we learn that there is a problem. Oh, and even though he pd. on 11-1-06 the amt. off, the bank sent him to the credit bureau on 11-06-06. So, what does my son have to do short of getting an attorney to get this mess cleared up?


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