World Time Clock(s)

Hi all,
Perhaps you can help me get some sleep. I travel a lot and my darling wife hasn't quite got the hang of time zones (phone calls in the middle of the night etc).:rolleyes: I figured I'd get a time zone clock, or preferably, time zone clocks to hang on the wall. The trouble is they've got to be fairly presentable or they don't get into the house.
So for my sanity, and possibly my marriage, please help if you know how!



  • Why not buy a bunch of presentable clocks and set them to different times, you know the type of thing london new york los angeles hong kong and somewhere in th middle, then just tell her that the time you will be at so central america your between new york and LA. that will be the cheapest option.

    I have seen in a travel agency I do work in they have a really smart clock type thing. it has the globe flattened, there is a light at the back and a mask that moves with time so she can look at the map if it is darkness its night time if its light then its day time. I think it was expensive but it is really smart and perfect for your situation.

    It is like the one on this website They are called Geochron clocks/watches
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