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'MSE's biggest day ever – over 1.5 million visits to the site' blog disccusion

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    :)Not really surprising, with the weather being the way it has, we have been marooned in our house for the last few days, unable to get the car out of the estate side roads are sheet ice. nice to get away into my computer room
    and see what my fellow mse are up to, helps keep me sane, oh and some useful tips also.
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    Plus, there's all those people who were given gift cards for Christmas and are desperately trying to find out if they can get anything for them.
    If it sticks, force it.
    If it breaks, well it wasn't working right anyway.
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    Now, I know many of you are fellow nerds and love these types of stats. So, according to our Google Analytics software, here goes…
    1. Visits in the day: 1,531,000 – this is the number of different trips people made to the site. (Last October when I blogged the then-record, it was 1,320,000.)
    2. Unique visitors: 1,090,000 – the number of different individuals who visited the site.
    3. Page views: 4,308,000 – the number of pages those people looked at.
    4. Visits to the main site (excluding the forum) 1,047,000.
    5. Unique visits to main site: 743,100.
    6. Main site page views: 1,987,000.
    You forgot the most important stats:

    Bloomberg: Moneysupermarket Extends Gains on Analyst Targets
    The stock rose 2.2 percent to 184.2 pence, the highest price since November 2007. Trading volume was more than five times the three-month daily average. The shares have gained 16 percent since the Chester, England-based company said a week ago that 2012 earnings would beat analyst estimates.
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