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The Great 'Are you a re-user - what items do you reuse for max value?' Hunt



  • I use newspaper to line my food waste bin as the biodegradable ones are so expensive. Like others I use old supermarket bags to line my pedal bin. I recycle free return envelopes by putting a sticky label on them. I have read on here too about people usung old cartons as postcards for postal competion entries.
    Happy comping!
  • Oh I forgot a couple

    the button box is an old danish biscuit tin and a very old tin I inherited from my grandmother (not sure of the original contents!)

    I saved a load of plastic pots with green snap on lids which had held baby puddings (fruit puree thingies) when I was nannying and now I use them for portions of grated cheese (weigh it out currently as I'm following Slimming World) and making jelly in - make 6 pots from one Hartley jelly crystals sachet

    Carrier bags - like another user said they get used to gather rubbish in or to collect rubbish together in the car on longer journeys

    Decent cardboard boxes (from online orders etc) get covered and used for storage or gifting in

    Gosh there's more than I thought
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  • Use the back part where it is not written/printed on for shopping lists -easier to find in a handbag as commented earlier - and where the picture is suitable size or can be trimmed, use that for next year's gift labels. Hole punch a corner and thread used (or other) gift ribbon through it. Hope the charity collectors of old cards don't object!
  • hummingbird
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    I also use the backs of Christmas cards for making shopping lists etc.

    Supermarket carrier bags are used as liners for the smaller bins in the house and for collecting small amounts of weeds if I'm having a quick few minutes in the garden.They also come in handy for wrapping paperwork etc that I want to keep away from other items in my work bag.We have lots of uses for them at work too so I donate some there.

    I have cleaned up ordinary food tins to use as penholders - they look lovely and shiny with the label off and polished up.

    Have refilled spray bottles with my own vinegar water cleaning solution.

    I have reused stamps that come through without being franked (There are a surprising number of these!!!)

    Will think of some more and add them:money:
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  • Jars and wine bottles get rinsed out and used as tealight/dinner candle holders for my flat.
  • kids9698
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    I have a de-humidifier in my home as my house is too well insulated and I don't like opening windows in the winter as I get cold.
    I use the water that it collects to flush the toilet with as I am on a water meter.
    I also re-use plastic packaging when I buy clothes. I use it for keeping wet stuff (flannels, swimsuits etc) away from dry when packing on holiday, storing shampoo etc in when I pack, just in case it spills in transit, as make up bags...
    I re-use sweet and chocolate tins for storing household things and first aid/medicinal things.
    In the past I have re-used polystirene packaging to insulate outside pipes etc so they don't burst in winter. Alot cheaper than buying pipe insulation!
    I also re-use old christmas and birthday cards by cutting them up and turning them into gift tags.
    I also re-use wrapping paper.
    I re-use old toothbrushes to clean little nooks and crannies in the house.
  • Cornucopia
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    I re-use boxes from Lidl and Aldi to carry my shopping in (saves paying for carrier bags).

    And then I re-re-use them to pack items I've sold on eBay.
  • Toilet paper ha ha! :rotfl:

    No seriously, not a lot. I try and recycle everything I can via recycling pick-ups and centres but other than using newspapers in the woodburner and sharing magazines amongst friends, I will endeavour to:

    Re-use jam jars for homemade jam and as bankies
    Keep the big tins of chocolates and biscuits as storage for home baked goodies or workshop bits and bobs

    Other than that, nothing is kept and put to another use. :o
  • Cornucopia
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    I re-use vitamin containers to store DIY bits & pieces. Helps keep all of the same stuff in one place, making it easy to find. Also comes with a child-proof lid for those who need it.
  • tara747
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    Ooooh love this thread!!! Some fab ideas, thanks all.

    I do the following:

    Wash and reuse Bonne Maman jars for storing buttons, hair clips, whatever - so pretty
    Reuse carrier bags in the bin, never buy bin bags
    Reuse plastic food bags until they wear out
    Keep my favourite mugs for storing pens etc if damaged (or as plant holders if they're big enough!)
    Keep all bubble wrap, jiffy bags etc for posting eBay items
    Refill handwash with cheaper one
    Reuse spray bottles for cleaning with bleach/vinegar
    Cut buttons, ribbons and pretty trims off clothes for my craft box
    Cut up old clothes for dusters/cloths
    Made 2 beautiful tweed draught excluders from a CS skirt and an old pillow filling
    Made cushion covers from old jumpers

    I keep anything beautiful or useful! :D
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