Town Hall/Lowcost Wedding venues in/ around Darlington/Durham/Northallerton Area

Hi All,

Originally my wedding plan was for a nice cheap wedding abroad with just close friends and family. However due to health reasons a uk wedding is looking more suitable,but this has raised the issue of additional guests and family members wanting to attend. Trying to still be MSE and not cost a fortune though so was wondering if anyone knew of any town halls or cheap venues for hire in the region, travel is ok but not too far. I have done some goggling but not alot has come up but I am sure there is some lovely little village halls round and about. May just need to do some driving around and hunt them out :) but any help or ideas anyone could offer would be really great.



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    check Groupon deals i've seen a few in the North East
  • A friend of mine got married in bishop Auckland townhall and it was dirt cheap. They went to the Castle around the corner for photos!
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    Great Smeaton Village Hall charges £50 for a full day hire including all the tables and chairs. It's a lovely little hall and is inbetween Darlington and Northallerton. I have some pics I can send if you like?

    There is also a newly built Village Hall in Low Worsall
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    I'm glad I saw this post as we're in exactly the same boat! So far from looking we've found a couple but it depends what you deem as low cost really -

    Hurworth Grange Community Centre is gorgeous, a big old country house with lots of pretty grounds. They quoted me £900 to hire the entire building for Friday to give you chance to set up, then the whole Saturday. There's a few rooms and this includes bar hire including staff

    Hutton Rudby village hall is is a bit the same, lots of rooms, with a little play park outside with nice views of the hills. They charge £750 for the whole building Friday night- Sunday midday but it's a bit out of the way of Darlington, nearer Stockton way

    Sadberge village hall is £500 for the full weekend package, that includes the silk drapes which some places charge extra for and a license for a cash bar which apparently you can't get in most village halls.

    I found this site really useful, it has a list of all the village halls in the area, it has a brief description of the facilities, I found that if there's any you like the look of, Google them and a lot of them have their own website with more details and prices etc.

    Hope you've found this helpful! :o
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    Hi I know this is an old thread but I wondered if anyone had any other quotes/venue ideas?
    We are having the register office in February next year but are stuck for a venue for after. We are having 50 people inc bride and groom- no children. Pleeeease help!
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