This time tomorrow ...

So, this is it. My final loan payment will leave my bank in just over 12 hours and that will be it, I will be officially debt free.

And, with my hand on heart, I can officially say I wouldn't have done it without the support, kicks up the bum and brilliant ideas and inspiration from all the DFWers here!

So thank you one and all, you are all amazing and I will be lurking around to see how you get on.

S x

PS - Please don't make me go to the savers board, they just aren't as nice :rotfl:
I have enough money for the rest of my life... as long as I never have to pay for anything again!

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  • Well done Sunshine :beer:

    What a fantastic way to start the New Year :T
  • Just stick around here - When I am debt free in 2014 I will be lurking on here everyone is so nice.

    I am sure they wont mind us kinda turning this into a DFW has turned into a SWB (Saver WannaBee) board LOL

  • jaxsmarjaxsmar Forumite
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    This time tomorrow ....

    Well done
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  • Congratulations and very well done :T

    There couldn't be a better time of the year to become debt free and go into a New Year with a whole fresh start :j

    Stories like yours keep us all inspired and on track :D
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    Congratulations - this time next year we should be in a better financial position than we are now and I can't wait (although I know I shouldn't be wishing time away).

    What a fab start to 2013 for you x
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    Yay!! Well done you!

    Stick around on here and encourage/mentor those of us still on the journey :)

    HBS x
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  • Massive congratulations! I'm so happy for you xx
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  • SOT2011SOT2011 Forumite
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    There are a fair few of us newly(ish) debt free but still needing to keep a close eye on the pennies who stick around this forum.

    A lot of the challenges remain the same for most of us even when the debt is cleared, keeping to a tight budget, but this time trying to avoid going back into debt rather than clearing it. The savers board is, in my experience at least, for a group with much more disposable/saveable income than I have even though I have no debt payments (other than mortgage) to make these days.

    SOT x
    Debt Free since Nov 11 (ish) (except the £118000 mortgage :o) as at Jan 2013 but still hanging around DFW as I need to Stay On Track.

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  • TiglathTiglath Forumite
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    Very well done - looking forward to my DFD (eventually) as well :)
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  • nearlyrichnearlyrich Forumite
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    Great news Happy New Year
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