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Kia Picanto Auto

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Wife currently has a Jazz. Great car and superbly practical. She is thinking of a new Picanto Auto (I know a nearly new would be better value) which she will keep for 6 or 7 years. 7-year warranty and servicing package. Anyone had any experience of the car? They are not unlike the fiesta to look at but much cheaper and way cheaper than a Jazz auto, which would be the preferred choice. The seats in the Kia are very comfy with lots of adjustments. Better than the i10.
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    I cannot comment on the Picanto, but my mother had the i10 as a courtesy car which is very similar. It was quite small (smaller than your Jazz would be), but you could fit a fair amount of shopping in the boot for its size.

    As you said, a nearly new car (less than one year old) would be much cheaper than a brand new one and would still keep most of it's 7 year warranty. But make sure to get the new model (2011 onwards) as the old model was well, rather... crap. The new model however is much better so the reviews say.
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    If the auto is anything like the manual its (imho) a good buy. Not as cheap ved wise and consumption though.
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