EDF ENEGY- Can I take them to court for forcing a prepayment meter on me

Dear All

Is there anyone that can help me. I am in arrears with EDF Energy since the being of this year. I am out of work as I was running my business from home. I was paying EDF Energy by direct Debit before.

But since worked stopped I started signing on. Rang EDF Energy and told them that I'm now signing on could they take the arrears owed benefits from my job seekers allowance as having a prepayment meter runs more expensive than the normal one. Also if it coming from my benefit then I know my bills will be paid. This all took place early January this year. EDF energy refused to setup the fuel direct on the basis that I am not disabled and I have easy access to my meters therefore I they will install the prepayment meter. I had long arguments with them and they were insisting to install the meter in the property.
As I was not working and no way of paying the arrears escalated and now I am £400.00 in dept with my electricity and £600.00 slightly over with my Gass. Only because EDF refused to put me on the fuel direct and forcefully insist on the prepayment meter being installed.
Come August I received a letter from them telling me I am in large arrears and if I don't settle the bill they will get a warrant against
me and forcefully enter the property to install the prepayment meter.
I rang dept agency and informed them of my situation. They then told me EDF energy are trying to avoid the paperwork and I was entailed to the fuel direct scheme, I don't need to be disabled to join the scheme. I rang EDF energy. They were still insisting on the same !!!!!!!!, I would need to be disabled before they could put me onto fuel direct failing this if I don't pay up they will get the warrant to put the prepayment meter into the property.
I then decided to call the benefit office for myself the works and pension department. You won't believe they dismissed the claims EDF energy made and opened the fuel direct deductions immediately with EDF energy saying they should separate my bill and what Ive and used and owing will be deducted from my benefit immediately.
I rang EDF energy to ask why did the tell me what they told me knowing fully well since January this year they could have been making these deductions from my benefit. I spoke to a manager whose response was EDF energy rang and they got not response from the benefits works and pension department..
Despite setting up this scheme EDF energy were still harassing me for payments which by now were still clearly being deducted from my benefits. Sending one of there personal to ask for outstanding debts.
I sent him on his way telling him I was on the fuel direct scheme. I rang EDF energy to ask why they sent someone to ask for monies I was paying. The lady told me I should ignore the visit my account shows all arrears cleared and fuel direct was being paid.

I signed off cause I thought I was travelling abroad, however I resigned on again as I didn't travel requesting that from my rapid reclaim the fuel direct payments start again.
Only this morning to hear a massive ring on my door with the EDF energy engineers in front insisting the were going to fit the prepayment meter in the property and none of the fuel direct payments had been paid towards the arrears. I received no notice from EDF energy about this visit. I had to call the benefit office for them to confirm that they had paid and were in the process of starting the payments again before the engineers could agree not install the prepayment meter giving me seven days grace to prove that I was on the fuel direct scheme and that the payments will continue. I called the benefit office and they said they will be in touch with me for full clarification that the fuel direct was paid to them.

My question is this. Is it possible to get a court injection against these energy companies forcing people to pay by these per payment meters when there are other options available for the arrears to be settled. In my case I was willing to pay the arrears but in a most comfortable way and in a way that the monies goes directly to EDF energy, what right do they have by law to force me to pay for my energy in a way that I believe would cause me further hardship. Removing my free will of choice.

Can some tell me how these people can be stopped as I'm sure I won't be the only one facing this experience but many others.



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    No .
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    I don't think so - if you fall into arrears you can't pay, for any reason, a prepayment meter is a standard procedure to ensure you don't fall further into arrears.

    Well, it's that or have your electricity cut off. It's more probable that they could take you to court instead of the other way round.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

    HBS x
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