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Overpayment from Utility Warehouse

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Overpayment from Utility Warehouse

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I'm a new forum member and I am just about to embark on a similar journey to recover my overpayment from Utility Warehouse. I will be staring a new thread as my situation will be different. My E 7 meter is fine but the teleswitch as not been switching the E7 circuit over, (there is a tiny red switch I now see on the radio teleswitch that remains ON) so therfore my E7 storage heaters have been taking up juice at random day and night. I always used to pay bills on a budget basis and that has camoflaged the problem and not shown the difference between winter / summer use - I srongly advise anyone to read the meter every month and pay what they use! - I have been with 4 suppliers - Seeboard for ages (we have lived in theis house for 40 years) then Sainsburys, then Scottish Power, finally UW. Been with UW since May 2010. My meter was actually changed to digital in 2001 .
I now believe that my bills have for a long while been inflated by this 'random rate' storge heater consumption. Over the last 10 years they averaged £1800 p.a. and thats when power was cheaper!. I have been trying to get them down - hence switching, and I also use solar water heating , wood burning appliances that also heat my water / cooking etc.
By NOT using the heaters my monthly consumption since May 2012 - Nov 2012 has reduced to average £50 per month from over £150.
The UW guy is here now changing the teleswitch which IS faulty - my next step is to try and recover some money from UW.
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