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'Bank charges reclaiming now so popular the templates are sold on eBay.' discussion

This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's "'Bank charges reclaiming now so popular the templates are sold on eBay" blog. Please read the blog first, as the discussion follows it.


  • One way that may be able to stop this is to "sell" a letter on ebay too, but give the full text of the letter in the ebay advert or point readers to the MSE article. Put the price as low as ebay allow and make it clear that nothing is for sale.

    The downsides:
    - It would cost the advertiser a few pence if anyone actually buys it
    - It may be against ebay's terms
    - It will take a few minutes time up of any good natured soul that does it
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    OMG, I just saw an advert on TV for a firm willing to reclaim bank charges. No win, no fee.

    Doesn't take them long to start cashing in, does it???
  • misterE I Just looked on Ebay and there is one seller "old_punk" giving the info away telling buyers not to buy the templates, but someone still bid!!!!! he has paid for the listing himself just had an email off him and he agrees with us that its disgraceful that people are selling FREE info
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    see below

    sorry I seem to be posting the same thing twice silly me
  • Angi_TAngi_T Forumite
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    Like many others I sell on eBay,

    I successful claimed my Bank Charges back last year after watching Trevor Mc Donald's Tonight programme, with the Lovely Martin Lewis. I joined the site & set out to get my charges back long road but got there in the end.

    Anyway I have also saw a few eBayer's selling the information, I wrote to eBay about this these sellers selling FREE info on eBay & guess what eBay did? NOTHING, to be honest the reply I got was just the standard automated one.

    So what I did was add the link on my about me page, I also added the link to my Thank you letter to my buyers, letting them know that they could claim their Bank charges back. I know that some of them got back to me & thanked me for the link.

    So if you are a seller on eBay, do what I did, add the link to your about me page & your thankyou letter.

    Good Luck to Everyone who is Claiming Back Their Bank Charges.
    Angi x
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    Ebay are bloody hopeless at the best of times.

    Martin and MSE may be able to fight back by - as mentioned above - doing their own eBay listing.

    Sell the template letter for as low as possible (I think they still allow penny auctions) and offer say a thousand for sale, so that the listing doesn't disappear.

    Unless I'm missing something obvious, your only costs would be one listing fee and the realisation fees - which would be next to nothing on penny auctions.

    Looking at the bigger picture, even if someone's buying a free letter for a fiver on ebay, if they can reclaim £1000's in charges it's still a good thing.
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