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MSE News: Support cut for fuel-poor families

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"Government help for families struggling in fuel poverty has been reduced by more than a quarter since 2009..."


  • undauntedundaunted Forumite
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    "Encouraging" / forcing those who can work but choose not to to have a re think is one thing, cutting the countrys debt is essential too but doing it by primarily penalising the poor and generally struggling (employed or unemployed) whilst MP's & fat cat bosses continue to fritter money away frivolously and huge corprorations and "clever accounting" evade taxes is just plain immoral.

    Cameron & Co should be ashamed of their performance to date and are heading for the exit door at the next election in my opinion.
  • WestonDaveWestonDave Forumite
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    Although to some degree ending the insulation bubble makes sense - it had got to the point where one energy supplier was actually paying people £200 to have insulation installed! They were being forced to do it to meet their targets but pretty much everyone who wanted it already had it so they were having to bribe people to get it done. Ending that kind of abuse of taxpayers money has to make sense.
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  • undauntedundaunted Forumite
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    Maladministration is a completely different thing to cutting finance.

    I would question whether everyone who could / should have home insulation improvements has actually had them & there is little doubt that even if they have there are many people living in fuel poverty in this country. That situation can only deteriorate as Govt policies such as increasing vat range, fuel duty etc are likely to hit lower income people harder than the wealthier.

    If a Govt hits their own voters hard enough they will pay the price
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