Advice Required: Regarding not being paid.



  • Aymer
    Aymer Posts: 9 Forumite
    I have another question, as he keeps saying he will speak to the board, even though, he is the registered director, of the company. Would he even have a board?
  • keyser666
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    Aymer wrote: »
    I have another question, as he keeps saying he will speak to the board, even though, he is the registered director, of the company. Would he even have a board?
    Yes himself, you only need one person to be a director now
  • keyser666
    keyser666 Posts: 2,140 Forumite
    What you need to do for the moment is listed above, you need to send a letter before action, I would give him 7 days
  • Aymer
    Aymer Posts: 9 Forumite
    is it imperative that I send a letter before action? or can I take action without a letter.

    Ive been speaking to a few people and the exact same thing has happen and is happening to them. He is repeating what he says to us all.

    ill call a solicitor tomorrow and see what comes of it, but ill type out a letter to him also.

    Would an email be sufficient or does it have to be a letter?
  • keyser666
    keyser666 Posts: 2,140 Forumite
    Yes you willed to send the letter before action, it follows the protocol and you need to give them an opportunity to resolve before court
  • Aymer
    Aymer Posts: 9 Forumite
    ok thanks for your help. Ill get everyone who is affected to do so on monday.

    Would an email be sufficient? or is it best to send a letter recorded delivery?

    They have shared offices, so unsure what would be more appropriate.

    Thanks again for all your help, its much appreciated as a solicitor basically told me to go away :( which is crazy, if I was a solicitor or anything I would want to bring this organisation down forever!

    I guess that's just a dream aye, maybe the SUN would be useful lol they're like a modern day PRIVATE EYE :)
  • I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned it - but if you are self employed then you need to invoice them before going down any solicitor/claim route. Then letter before action, then small claims.

    Have you got the contract in writing and some proof that you did the work [again, in writing]?
    If you haven't got it - please don't flaunt it. TIA.
  • Russe11
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    Why bother with any hassle, essentially you got scammed by a marketing company, they got you working for nothing and in a way you fell for it.

    These sort of jobs are ok if you can get the leads, but you can't trust anyone in this sort of organisation, you need to have full control of the leads you pass, know whether that have been converted and get paid on every one that does.

    The £200 a week was never ever going to be given to you, it was just a ruse to get you out there working, should you had of performed and created leads that sold then they would of paid you, because you didn't produce they have decided to get rid.

    They pay 2 weeks in arrears because by week two you will of either failed or created them some business.

    You don't have a signed contract so its all just a verbal agreement.

    The action i'd be taking if I was promised £200 a week as a basic is getting together with some mates getting down the office and kicking of till the cash was handed over...

    Any other way you will be throwing money at chasing somthing that will never materialise, you could make a county court claim but its highly unlikely you are going to be able to recover such a small sum.
  • terryw
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    If you really are intending to take this concern to court then have a read of this for the bones of a suitable "letter before action":
    "If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools"
    Extract from "If" by Rudyard Kipling
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