How to find out who the deceased's GP was..

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As above really, my dad died and I need to find out who his GP was at the time of his death.
We didn't have much contact for various reasons but I was his only child and there's no relatives on his side who might know.
Does anyone know how I could obtain this information? I am sure it's something really simple to do, I just can't seem to think right now. Thanks.


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    Is there a big choice of practices where he was living? You should be able to google the practice names and phone them for confirmation if he was a patient of theirs and the name of his GP.
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    When you do phone don't ask if Joe Bloggs was one of their patients, patient confidentiality means they won't tell you but if you say you're Joe Blogg's daughter and can they tell you which dr he was registered with, chances is they'll tell you or else say he wasn't one of their patients.

    Is it absolutly necessary that you know the name of his Dr, if it's for official forms just say you don't know.
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    You need to contact his local health authority, that would be the quicker and correct way. Also any request for info would have to go through their channels anyway.
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    Health Authorities no longer exist.
    OP - contact the local Primary Care Trust's PALS sevice, they will advise you of the best way to proceed.
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
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    I would start with the death certificate.
  • Hi all and thanks for your help. I think PALS would be the best place to start as the DC only details cause of death.
    He had a medical policy and as his only next of kin I appear to be entitled to a small sum. As it stands, I don't really feel entitled to keep this money so I would like the heart unit where Dad died to have it. The insurance company need access to my dad's medical records to confirm things.
    Once again, thanks for the suggestions and I will let you know how I get on.
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    The death cert contains the place of death and the certifying Dr.

    In most cases this will get you to the GP or hospital records that should have the GP on record.

    As you allready know the unit where he died they probably have what you need PALLS is a good idea.
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    Can you look through his belongings to see if there are any repeat prescriptions in there
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  • The death certificate records the attending physician who qualified, and who was willing to issue.
    He may have died away from home, as a result of an accident or in hospital in which case GP details won't be recorded.
    If it was a sudden and unexpected death these details may be available through the coroner, failing that I would write to the local PCT
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