The Oi, Cameron, time to sort out...” poll

Poll started 23 Oct 2012

If you could grab the Prime Minister and ask him to focus on sorting out a money/financial issue, which of the following would you choose?

Pick up to three from the top 10 in this week's poll:

Did you vote? Why did you pick that option? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click this


  • tgroom57
    tgroom57 Forumite Posts: 1,430
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    I voted for him to consider petrol prices.

    I feel it is important to pick something he can realistically do something about in the shortest time frame, without incurring extra complications.

    Payday loans are an unwelcome development, but merely a response to the situation- regulating them is a can of worms.

    The govt already has the means to cut petrol prices and should be prodded to doing so as this *might also ease pressure on food prices etc but mostly help ppl struggling to get to work.
  • Tuono
    Tuono Forumite Posts: 24 Forumite
    Petrol Prices : Effects everyone
    Gas and Electric Prices : Effects everyone
    Car insurance for young drivers : Effects any young people trying to get a job.

    One point that wasn't on the poll : Bank loans available for small businesses. Needs a serious look into.

    Lets face it, all the issues raised need sorting out, instead of fat cats getting the cream as usual.

    But as Tim Nice-but-Dim has said. We're all in it together...
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  • pedrodude
    pedrodude Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite
    I don't see the "I don't want him to interfere in any of the above" option for the annoying libertarians among us :-)

    Seriously though, I don't feel that most of these issues really ought to have anything to do with government save perhaps Financial education, Spam texts, and Payday loans. And I certainly wouldn't consider any of these a priority, when compared to more macro financial issues, such as the regulatory climate, bank of england powers, and addressing national debt.

    These other issues (while still important to us) are a bit commonplace for the government to be addressing, aren't they?
  • Adamt1558
    Adamt1558 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Petrol prices are screwung us all over , petrol stations are nothing more than tax collection points!
  • angelcakes_smw
    angelcakes_smw Forumite Posts: 144 Forumite
    How can you think than none of this should have anything to do with the government? Being screwed over by unreasonable prices for petrol, can insurance and just about everything else you can think of has a seriously negative impact on the economy.

    The one thing I would have liked to have seen on the list would be the private rental sector, landlords have too much free reign to do whatever they like. They seem to think they are entitled to the money they charge for their substandard properties in return for doing nothing but letting the property fall down around their tenants heads, there needs to be a very strict regulatory body for this.
  • Torry_Quine
    Torry_Quine Forumite Posts: 18,803
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    Financial education is needed to prevent many problems arising in the first place. Savings rates are ridiculously low. Also electricity and gas bills are too high and many can't afford to keep warm.
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  • bill_the_bus
    bill_the_bus Forumite Posts: 490
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    missed immigration............
  • ineed
    ineed Forumite Posts: 4,432
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    I voted for gas and electricity, train fares and payday loan regulation.
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  • stevemcol
    stevemcol Forumite Posts: 1,666 Forumite
    Tax evasion & avoidance. Then start to tackle the other items on the list.
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  • happyinflorida
    happyinflorida Forumite Posts: 807
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    caMORON said before he was elected that he would sort out the laws in the UK so tax evasion by businesses would be stopped - has he done anything about this - NO!

    He even made one of the biggest tax evaders a Lord?! Philip Green who used to own - but "sold" them all to wifey who lives in their palatial home in tax haven for the richest Monaco - BHS, Topshop, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Burton, Dorothy Perkins et al - the list is endless and this man pays no tax at all and now is a Lord making rules for the rest of us to follow?

    This is my biggest hatred of caMORON as the loss of tax revenue is the biggest loss this country has and instead this vile man goes after pensioners and the sick and disabled. He should be done for treason in my opinion.
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