recommendation for good indian restaurant in glasgow

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hi looking for a recommendation for an indian restaurant in glasgow. it's my dad's 60th this week. he would like to go to a nice buffet or possibly pre theatre menu.

cheers for any suggestions
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    The Ashoka chain of restaurants are very good, there are quite a few too. I have been to the one at Charing Cross and the one in Ashton Lane.

    hope your dad has a lovely birthday xxx

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    The India Quay is very nice and I am sure they have a pre theatre menu it is near the ssec.
  • It's a long time since I've been there, but the Koh-i-Noor at Charing Cross used to have a good buffet
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    Mr Singhs India on Elderslie/Sauchiehall street is superb!
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    Once upon a time Agra at Anniesland (Crow Road North, near the Lock and the Canal bars) was really good, but that was a long time back.
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    cafe india has reopened in albion st - anyone been? - edit it is still dings and looks grim
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    my mate gave mother india some serious thumbs up, nevr been myself though. think its out the west end.
    oh Dhabba merchant city, now i've been there and it's great north indian cuisine, superb and the srvice is 1st class. they also have dahkin just along the road they do south indian cuisine again class, a bit cheaper as well.
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    Agree 100% with the Dhabba and Dahkin. We went last year with my father in law (who is indian) to the Dahkin. He said it was the most authentic indian meal he had ever had over here (and he's been here well over 30 years). We went with his son and wife who were over from india and they taught us all to eat with our hands, they way the indians do. One of the best indian meals I've had - didn't feel stuffed afterwards as I usually do with indian food. I can't recommend this place enough allthough it is more expensive - but I'm sure they do pre theatre.....oh, and the service was great. They kept my wee boy well amused :-)
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    Try Mr Singhs
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    If you use the Ashoka group get your self a loyalty card for 20% off

    I use Ashoka West End, Ashoka Ashton Lane (Good for loads of nice pubs nearby) and the Spice of Life

    Killermont Polo Club in Maryhill used to be excellent but not been for a few years
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