MSE News: RBS PPI bill rises to £1.7bn

"Taxpayer-backed Royal Bank of Scotland has set aside another £400 million for PPI mis-selling victims ..."
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RBS PPI bill rises to £1.7bn



  • VT82
    VT82 Forumite Posts: 1,077
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    One meaningless large number replacing another meaningless large number. Emphasis on 'meaningless'.

    Do we really need a news article for every one of these stories that would only be of interest (and I use the term loosely) to a small number of financial professionals?
  • pearlfisherone
    pearlfisherone Forumite Posts: 3 Newbie
    RBS - Need to be IMMEDIATELY - YESTERDAY would not be soon enough ! SHUTDOWN - BROKEN UP & SOLD OFF.

    Yes all the banks were as bad as each other apart from RBS which was and remains a total omnishambles and we are continuing, mugs that we are, to allow them to dish out bonuses and to still operate and call themselves a bank! If you or I had run a financial institution like this "NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE" we would have been made bankrupt and or be in jail by now.

    I emailed and complained to CHRIS SULLIVAN RBS Chief Executive Corporate Banking that they were not lending enough money to small businesses despite being lent the most by the taxpayers (ie me and you) for the bailout that kept them afloat. RBS were the chief culprit in not lending and this was widely reported in the press. What did they do to me ? Sent me a letter saying they were not obliged to provide me with banking services and would be closing all my accounts pulling my overdraft and my business credit card consigning me to almost certain bankruptcy and the closure of my company which I have run successfully for 9 years.

    Anyone reading this if you have money in anything to do with RBS get out quick, switch to anyone else, the same with any insurance products you might have, switch whilst you can.

    I see RBS have cocked up again last night 070313 ! Where will it all end. They should have a duplicate mainframe that kicks in when problems occur with the main server. That is best business practice but hey what would RBS know about that ?

    I have instigated a complaint against RBS with the Financial Ombudsman Service, let's see what pressure they can bring to bear. Even if they received a huge fine, it will probably have little or no effect on how RBS executives run the taxpayers bank. A £390M fine for rigging the Libor interest rate has it seems had little or no effect on their behaviour ! Get rid of them NOW whilst we still can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Small businesswoman trying her best to survive in Glasgow, Scotland.
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