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MSE News: Lloyds takes further £1 billion PPI hit

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MSE News: Lloyds takes further £1 billion PPI hit

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Reclaim PPI & Other Insurance
"The banking group has now set aside a whopping £5.3 billion to pay victims of payment protection insurance mis-selling..."


  • I can and have the proof they are NOT investigating claims properly. I took out a loan and refused to have PPI because on an old loan it did not protect me like they said it would! They told me if I did not have PPI then no loan end of! So I agreed to have it. When I applied for PPI back due to being bullied and blackmailed into it I got a letter back saying they had investigated and I was not paying PPI? I took this as truth thinking perhaps they did not add it on. Two months later I visited bank and was asked if I wanted PPI STOPPED on the loan, I was shocked so said yes and immediate phoned them. I was told to send proof I had paid PPI so not only was all proof faxed not once but twice once by me and first time by bank they LOST both! Then advised send it by post I did this guess what they LOST it!! By now visits back forward to bank, many expensive phone calls, time on my days off and a letter I eventual went to The Ombudsman! This is now with them and told 12 to 18 months to wait! Ombudsman have taken case and sent the complaint to Llyods we now play waiting game that was months ago! So YES they are NOT investigating claims properly and I can understand why many go to those who do it for you taking huge chunk if you win!
  • Llyods have made me feel like a common thief and a liar not to mention all the stress it has caused! I have since asked Ombudsman to look at two other claims I know I paid PPI on and they said I did not because if they did it once they may have done it before NO TRUST what so ever in their investigations!
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