Cavity insulation for _single_ wall?

Hi there,
we had three walls insulated by the council a few years ago. They wouldn't do the front wall because it has a stone front and was more difficult then the other three (brick) walls.

Recently, our energy supplier (EdF) offered to do our insulation for free but when we probe them further it turns out that they won't do just _one_ wall. The council say they don't do the insulation anymore, our energy supplier should do it, so we appear to be stuck!

Does anyone know if we can get this one wall done cheaply / for free from either an energy supplier (we are planning on switching soon anyway), or perhaps the council might if we really press them?

Many thanks in advance fellow MoneySavers!


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    You need to remember there is a thing about gift horse and mouths. Cavity wall insulation is normally provided free of charge. Therefore you can't 'press' anyone to do something if they re doing it for free. A lot of the money to do this omens rom central government who lay down limitations on what can and can't be insulated. Yours appears to be that it can't be done for technical reasons.
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    When I had CWI installed, they would only do it (grant, not free) if it covered more than x% of the property. I couldn't have my front wall done, but the side and back were OK so I came in at more than the required %.
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    If your house has a stone front, does it have a cavity to insulate?
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    I suspect that the OP is referring to stone cladding (spawn of the devil)?
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  • Hi everyone,
    Many thanks for replying. To correct what I meant to say: it is stoned-fronted. i.e. breeze blocks - cavity - stone wall. When the council did the three walls, their contractor said they were unable to fill this particular cavity because of the uneven nature of the stone wall of the cavity.

    Now, apparently technology has advanced such that it is fairly easy to do this. However, it seems that we can't get financial assistance from EdF to do just the one wall, as mentioned above. Indeed, it sounds like it's a long-shot to get a grant to do the single wall, so in the worst case we can foot the bill ourselves. But worth investigating!

    Thanks again,
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