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I've just had a survey done by Viscount Insulation to have loft insulation installed. They say I can have it done for free even though I'm under 60, work full time and I'm not on any kind of benefits (nor is anyone else in the house). :j
As I don't normally get anything for free I instantly think this is too good to be true.
Has anyone used this company or know anything about them?



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    Why not ring your energy supplier and ask if they do this for free, as there are various government schemes.
    My Mind wanders, if found please return.
  • Just do it - its government funded.

    I own my own house with an income ov over £40k and no benefits. Had my loft and wall done this summer. While it wasnt an independant as such (ie I contacted the local council to see what was possible) it was an independant company that did the work - the council just arranged it direct rather than the company doorstpopping.

    Its a legit offer - being done to meet the government "green" targets.

    GET IT DONE NOW though, because the scheme ends on 31 Dec this year. Most companies are not taking on any work past 1 Nov this year (to allow the work to be done by the 31 Dec deadline for government funding). Those that are - well there the ones who havent got enough contaracts to see them up to this point (for whatever reason). After this p[oint, it will only be for those on benefits - and only then in some areas. Bite their hands off before its too late.
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