Because I have had to be careful with my heating and the weather being very damp, I have black mould around my bedroom windows. I am going to put the central on for a day or so to attempt to dry the house out properly.
Can anyone recommend a product to successfully remove the black mould and keep it away please? I thought of using bleach but dont know it this is enough.
I am in the process of redecorating one of the bedrooms and I dont want to put wallpaper up until I have sorted out this mould problem.
Hopefully drying the house out will sort it out for a time.
I would think that lots of homes will have much the same problems with the price of utilities going up.


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    Dettox mould and mildew remover is often recommended on here, although take care as it does contain bleach.

    Unless there is something structurally wrong, e.g. dripping gutter, the main way to sort out the mould problem is to deal with the lifestyle issues which trigger it.

    You are right that you need to heat the house more. Make sure you ventilate daily. Don't air dry laundry. Keep the bathroom door shut during and after bathing / showering (and the window open to ventilate). Use an extractor fan in the kitchen and bathroom. Keep lids on saucepans when cooking.

    A dehumidifier will also help to remove moisture from the air and thus reduce the risk of mould.
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    The Dettox mould stuff is good but not a permanent solution. It does contain bleach as we used it in a rented house simultaneously to get rid of the nicotine stains on white paintwork :D

    How about one of those things for condensation which have crystals in which absorb moisture ?
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    Thankyou very much - I will get the mould stuff and buying a dehumidifier is a great idea as is closing the bathroom door after bathing.
    I havent heard of those crystal things but will look into it.
    Theres always something isnt there?
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