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November 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 22 October 2012 at 2:33PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • meg72meg72 Forumite
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    JIL wrote: »
    Now apologies to the thread but I just need to ask some advice and I know lots on here use them.
    I ordered some red labelled fizzy drinks from @pproved foods along with some soups and a couple of other things. The website said they would arrive on the Wednesday, they didnt and arrived today in bashed up boxes. The tins are very badly damaged and theres things missing.
    Is it usually like this? I have done one of them ticket things but I am so disappointed.

    Thanks for any advice

    I think you have been very unlucky with this as it is not usually like this. Unfortunately it seems your order has been damaged in transit
    and I am sure if you contact AF they will put things right for you.
    Please dont let it put you off ordering from them as they do have some real bargains at times,
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  • theatregirl4theatregirl4 Forumite
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    Couple more small spends to report.

    95p on bread yesterday.
    £7 on various snacky bits in a local co op type shop (but got a fair bit for the money spent!)

  • Afternoon all

    Catching up after a long weekend off of work, so of course that means spending! Needed a few bits on Friday - milk, cheese and bread) so i sent DH to T$sco and he spent £3.82, then Saturday used our clubcard vouchers and doubled up on frozen items and got just under £50 worth of shopping for £27 but £7 was on sleepsuits for DD so not from GC budget! Lastly bought my milk for work this morning and treated myself to a little breakfast food £2.24, oh almost forgot £6 on McD's yesterday as DD had her flu jab and was soooo brave! so all in all spent £32.06 this weekend but have enough food to do lunches and dinners until the end of the month. £164.29/£200 and we only have to the end of next week before we go into our December budget!! so £35.71 remaining and in theory should only need bread and milk top ups! We might just squeak in under budget in our first month, but of course that is with some help from Vouchers.

    I do have one gripe though, I doubled up on frozen food thinking that was brilliant, but I don't know if it's just my local T$sco (which is HUGE by the way) or all of them but I was REALLY disappointed by their frozen variety, i struggled to find anything not breadcrumed or battered, all i could find was a whole chicken and sausages and mince - there were chicken breast but at between £4 and £5 for four in a bag i didn't think they were really worth it!! has anyone else found this? usually i would have just gone to the fresh section for the meat i needed, but a) trying to budget and b) being forced to get £10 worth of frozen for my voucher I found it very limiting, anyone else had this problem or was this just an anomaly?

    Ame xxx
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  • Careful spending today as we are majorly broke:( new pots to go with tea on Thursday...sausages...8 out for sausage and mash tomorrow(already have a pack of 12 out)..and other 4 in freezer to go with the pack in there for a sausage casserole next week...also cocoa and icing sugar...made a chocolate cake and realised I had run out of both when I went to make the buttercream:(..satsumas for 2 littlies pack ups....just £8 to add...may need milk tomorrow....
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  • Coxy11Coxy11 Forumite
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    Hi everyone,

    So for the time being I am working at my DSis's tea room on a Tuesday which means Monday nights I have to go and shop for any bits and bobs we might need. Went to Sainsbobs last night at 7pm after dropping DS2 at cubs. Good time to go as car park empty and as it was an hour before closing they had a few whoopsies. Got a BGTY chicken sandwich for 57p and some prepared leek and cabbage for 10p. The rest of the fridge was mostly ready meals for one or desserts - neither of which we eat.

    Got a couple of 'cracker' presents for DD and DS2 and some drinks for DS1 to take to school as I won't be going to Co$tco anytime soon. Total from grocery budget is £6.69.

    NSD today (as I was at work :D) and hoping for another tomorrow.

    Welcome keepcalmanddrinktea - let me know when you decide on a budget and I'll add you to the list.

    Have a good evening everyone.
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  • GreenFairyGreenFairy Forumite
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    Got into town today so €14.80 spent. 5l container of vinegar and mochi at the Asian market, milk and caster sugar at L1dl. Not on the GC but also picked up my sister in laws xmas pressie (we do Kris Kindle with Hubs family) and a crinoline skirt to go under my dress for graduation on Friday. :)
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  • pinkypigpinkypig Forumite
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    £4.20 in Ald* on milk, juice and marg. Pay day on 27th and it can't come soon enough!
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  • adelightadelight Forumite
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    Eeek I have been so bad at keeping my sig update but it's done now, bit high for the 13th but ho hum :o
    I scoped out the local good morrisons today (the other is slightly closer but small, grotty, hardly any value stuff!) for the bits I can't pick up locally but some of the offers were so good I couldn't resist... 50p toms, £1 for 4 pomegranates, 50p dried chick peas etc.

    armchairexpert lots of bulking with onion, dried lentils and rice? or just small portions? I've noticed most people eat much bigger portions than me but the people I live with now all eat the same as me. I think it's close to the recommended size but it's too small for a lot of people.
    Do you have a rough recipe btw? Sounds tasty :D

    bunny co-op, iceland and morrisons all do better frozen meat ranges for the money imo. And those unknown brand frozen chicken portions from most supermarkets are okay. I think the cooked chicken works out at £5-6/kg and it's not that bad unless you're used to the finest stuff around. Lidl chicken breasts are ~£7/kg fresh. Oh and the usual spiel about farm shops, cheap butchers etc worth a look if there are any local to you.

    bluegreen looks delicious

    kattykicker well done dh :T
    Living cheap in central London :rotfl:
  • emmitaemmita Forumite
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    Knew my grocery shop was high and set myself a target of £280 for November. 1st week tried hard honest but over spent. £75 for the week but I did buy a lot of cat food that was on special. I also stumbled on a whoopsie shop. I normally call in on the way home from work but last week went to the pictures and then on to Mr A. 7:15 - 10p for a big bag of spinach (rabbits), 10p for 2 lettuce (rabbits happy) and a chicken leg for 37p (tea sorted). 7:15 seems to be the time mr a reduces, yup went back on saturday and picked up a few deals. I need to now check times for mr t and mr m. Hopefully I will come in on budget
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  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    I was planning not to shop again until Friday but I hadn't realised we were out of dog food tins. We had also run out of milk and the fruit bowl was almost empty. Quick trip to Mr S resulting in a spend of £25.29. Just under a tender of this was on a GF Christmas pud and some ys mini sausage rolls and a quiche I will put away for the outlaws Christmas tea buffet.

    Also picked up some half price GF oatcakes cos the box was damaged and some greatly reduced GF muesli bars. Oh and some less than half price ys clementines.:D

    The meal plan has gone off track because it is made up of meals to be cooked from scratch and I keep forgetting to defrost meat. I have a lot on this week and I am probably expecting a bit too much from myself TBH. The good news is that we have used up a few packets of things from the cupboard and have also agreed to check the fridge mid week each week to check what needs to be used up and have a use up night. It will probably involve making soup or a curry but that's ok with us.:o

    I have defrosted sausages and mash for DH to cook when I get in from college tomorrow night and will need to think of something easy for him to do Thursday when I will be late in.

    I have a total of £27.80 left to last until 22nd November. DH is away Sunday and I am out at a family meal that day too and will also have a big meal paid for by work on Friday which knocks 2 days off my meal plan. I am going to cancel this weeks veg box but I do have a £5 off £40 Mr T voucher that Runs out Sunday. I think I will probably end up using it as DH will no doubt want some beers at the weekend. I may buy a few Christmas bits to make up the total but I have a separate £50 Christmas budget so they won't come out of my £500 budget. I have never been this close to achieving my budget, I don't want to blow it now:)
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