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  • Waiting for my renewal letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???

    For info. 3 bed det bungalow.  5800kw electricity, 22350 kws gas, last 12 months, meter reading. 100% accurate. Read it myself. 2 fridges, 2 freezers, tumble dryer, gas heating and hot water.  Consumption does not vary much over years unless we travel to Australia for a few months, or a few cruises.

    Interesting to read the new letter from Staywarm. keep you informed. If I can get energy cheaper I certainly shall change supplier.  Telecom Plus beware.:D
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  • gatita. The meter reading for electricity is already in Kilowatt Hours but the gas is in units and to convert to Kilowatt hours you have to do the following.
    If you have a meter with 5 digits before the red rectangle with numbers in (which you ignore) you have a metric meter. Take the units used and multiply by39.1 then multiply again by 1.02264 then divide by 3.6
    If you have a meter with 4 digits before the red rectangle you have an Imperial meter and you have to multiply by 2.83 first to change to metric.
    Your reading for gas is slightly lower than they quoted for me when in actual fact mine should have been 22,314. But no amount of talking to customer service got anywhere.
  • Forgot to make it clear, units used and not just the meter reading. You need a reading from a year ago and subtract it from your new reading.
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    Thank you Chateau and Johnuk for your replies, I think I could get in an awful mess trying to calculate the gas John :o and I don't have an actual reading for a year ago :-/ so its hard for me to check their figures.
    Chateau.I can't understand how I have used so my gas! I only have the heating and hob, and as i mentioned before I consider I am quite careful.
    Please do let me know how you get on with Staywarm and if you get a letter from them saying you are using too much. The new charges as from October for me would be £44.65 an increase of £5.25 a month (single person 2 bed property)
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  • gatita, your gas reading isn't that high, it just sounds a lot. I spoke with British Gas last week and they informed me that the national average for anual gas consumption is around 21,000 to 22,000 Kilowatt Hours. But that was for a 3bed semi.
  • Can anyone tell me what the upper limit is for gas & electricity is on staywarm.When I joined 1/7/91 staywarm was run by TXU. In the small print 73000 kwhs
    for gas was deemed to be okay.

  • Update on Staywarm. Received letter confirming new charge effective 28 October, £63.5/month, fixed for twelve months for unlimited energy. 2 persons in 3 bedroomed detached bungalow.

    Letter also quotes their estimated annual consumption for us. For electricity, they have over estimated by 17% plus, actual  5800kws/annum. For gas they have over estimated by 50% plus , our actual for gas is  22350kws.  Interesting!!  Think I will stay with them!*!*!

    gatita, a bit late in commenting on your consumption, but my experience says ignore what these people say, your actual consumption is what is correct, not some remote body.

    Just to confirm that gas meter reads cu metres and that the correct calculation is applied, although have used a calorific value of 39.4, my last info. I know it varies by a small amount. Staywarm do not quote this figure as we do not get detailed bills.

    Useful I hope!
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  • ;D ;D ;D ;D
    Follow up
    I have today been informed that I have been removed from Staywarm and transferred to Powergen standard tarrif. The letter included their current rates for both gas and electricity so I worked out, from my last years consumption, what I would need to pay per month with Powergen. Believe it or not the monthly usage worked out at exactly £59 as against Staywarms new figure for the next 12 months of £63.40. Nuff said! ::)
  • Another follow up.

    Our equivalent kw calculation, using Powergen online, is £61.25/month as against Staywarm (unlimited) £63.5/month.
    Staywarm cost is fixed for twelve months. Do not know re Powergen, have to sort thro' terms and conditions. >:( ???
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  • Have received notification today from Age Concern and Powergen. As a rather thick OLD BOY is this the same as Staywarm, if not is it worthwhile signing up? I am on Swalelec at the moment for Gas and Electric
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