Grants for continuing students

I have been reading about the grant that is available for new students in 2004. Is this available for continuing students or not? Im pretty sure I would get it if I was starting this year as my mum earns under 15k a year (single parent).

Anybody know?


  • This is from the dfes site:
    How much higher education grant will I get?

    The new Higher Education (HE) Grant is available to new students who start at university from September 2004 onwards (subject to Parliamentary scrutiny). Existing students are not eligible. The HE Grant is worth up to £1,000 and your family income will determine how much you get. Students with family income of £15,200 or less will get £1,000. Partial grants are available for those whose family income is between £15,201 and around £21,185.
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    Oh !!!!!!! Why must they screw us over like that. I wonder if any of them have tried living on £4095 a year, with no help from anyone else. >:(
  • Same situation mate, try

    Access to Learning Fund | Hardship Fund - provided by the government but managed by each university. I applied for two, one was charity based through the university and recieved £1900 grant.

    Multiple student 0% interest overdrafts - to cover the rest of your expenses. I do not understand why people take our loans when this option is available. Look for the banks that don't only have the biggest overdraft but the longest time to repay. Barclays give you two years. Also note that as a continuing student you are classed as a 4th or 5th year by the bank which means a larger overdraft.

    Keep looking for financial support while you are there and you can clear your student overdrafts when you can. From the two unis I've been in contact with, its easy to get smaller sums of money when you're there than the initial lump sum.

    Good luck.
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