Flint bishop solicitors issue of court proceedings

Hi I really need some advice in 2010 I got a loan with the credit union partners I then fell on some bad time I lost a really close family member and threw myself into work as a way of coping I continued to make my payments for around 8 or 10 months but after that I hit a brick wall so to say and was signed off work with depression I know I shouldn't have but I buried my head in the sand and ignored my debts as I wasn't working I didn't have enough coming in to cover my debts, I have written to the company and had no reply and I was to ashamed to go in the store. Today for the first time I have had a letter from flint bishop solicitors saying notice of court procedings this is the first I have heard in almost two years and I am trying my best to make a payment plan and get myself on track, I have emailed them asking to make a payment plan today as soon as I got the letter but it says that they want full payment in 7 days I know I should have avoided this but unfortunatly I did. Do you think they will set me a payment plan or just take me straight to court? Please help as I am very worried.


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