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    The really shocking news is that Martin didn't use something like saynoto0870! :eek:
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    I'm riding high upon a deep recession...
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    Zorz wrote: »
    The really shocking news is that Martin didn't use something like saynoto0870! :eek:

    0870 calls are included in my free minutes
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    Why would you call HBOS plc to deal with a savings account?

    I've never understood why people have said they bank with HBOS or speak of a HBOS banking licence. Halifax, Birmingham Midshires etc are all essentially brand names for Bank of Scotland.

    Would you not be better calling Halifax or even Bank of Scotland with whom you have a savings account with?
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    This could easily be just one employee of a big company who has not updated his email footer. Out of the number of employee's HSBC have it hardly seems likely that every single one will have updated their signature.
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    In big companies the signature block is usually company standard, personalised from the Active Directory information and distributed with updates across the network to everyone. So it shouldn't be down to the employee.
    Personally I've been with the Halifax since saving for and getting a mortgage in 1979 and their savings rates are a lot better than most. There's always been another account to rate-tart to when the initial year bonus rate expires. Plus I've had an extra percentage for having a reward account (not the one you pay for but the one that gives £5 a month).
    Service in my local branches has been pretty good, unlike Lloyds or Nat West who are awful.
  • It's ironic really. National Rate Numbers were initially more expensive for a company to operate than a regular 'phone number, and one of the points made in selling them was that you could keep it forever, no matter where you moved your offices, how reorganised your business, etc., you could redirect it to the new place easily. No need to keep changing telephone numbers on stationary, signage, vans, etc.

    Now, of course, they are instead a nice revenue earner, and companies have absolutely no problem in swapping and switching numbers so as to maximise their revenue from us. Look how many dropped 0870 as soon as the revenue share ceased, and shifted over to 0844 (up to 5p/min) and 0871 (up to 10p/min) instead. Any company who does this is obviously there to milk their customers as much as they possibly can; what's shameful is how many people just don't realise how much these numbers will cost them.
  • Nothing surprises me, try going into any Halifax branch and asking for any of their official forms ie withdrawal of cash, in large print for the visually impaired,to be told we don't have any but we can send you some in about two weeks.
    I tried to close an account in March and was given a form, when I returned it Halifax would not accept it, the form having been withdrawn the previous September.
    A complaint followed and Halifax replied although form has been withdrawn it can be used at managers discretion but also refused at managers discretion.
    If you can work out any element of customer service etc in that reply let me know.
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