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MSE News: Inflation fell in August despite fuel hikes

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MSE News: Inflation fell in August despite fuel hikes

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Budgeting & Bank Accounts
"The retail prices index rate of inflation fell to 2.9% in August down from 3.2% in July, says the ONS ..."
Read the full story:

Inflation fell in August despite fuel hikes


This thread is not in the 'discuss house prices and economy board' as that is only open to those logged into the forum so anyone coming from the news story may not be able to see it.


  • So we all have to jump for joy because the stuff used to massage/calculate the figure is only rising by 2.9% rather than 3.2%?
    That's really an incentive to now go on a spending spree to further reduce my mostly fixed income!
    Meanwhile in the real world....................

  • LesULesU Forumite
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    I'm a little baffled by the contention that gas and electricity have only risen by just under 2% over 2 years. (1.7% last year, no rise this year). 2 years ago I took out a discount plan with Scottish Power that the comparison web sites said was the cheapest rate available. This year I have switched to another SP plan which the web sites say is the cheapest rate available. It comes out at an 18% rise in cost compared with the old plan.
    Has someone got the decimal point in the wrong place?
    I suppose that the increase happened at the end of August which hasn't been factored in yet. Watch this space for a 'surprise' rise in inflation next month.
  • kar999kar999 Forumite
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    The fuel prices quoted in the article are also lower than those at the pumps now in September.

    But transport costs put the most pressure on inflation, with petrol prices increasing by 3.5p a litre to 135.1p in August, while diesel rose by 3.3p to 140.3p, compared to smaller rises last year.

    I've been struggling to pay less than 142.9p for diesel all month with non-supermarket forecourts 2 to 3p more or even higher.
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  • JohnRoJohnRo Forumite
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    does anyone actually believe this sort of nonsense anymore?

    When the reduced weights and measures of goods are factored in with price rises, inflation is well into double digits on a great many every day items.
    'We don't need to be smarter than the rest; we need to be more disciplined than the rest.' - WB
  • More examples of inflation manipulation to make the figures look good.
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