Advice in gettin a new tattoo in Glasgow.

in Scotland
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I'm planing to get another tattoo I think it is important for a person toget a tattoo of something meaningful to them but I also know how important isthe tattoo artist as well.

There is a new guy in Glasgow my friend did her tattoo at him and she seemsvery happy with but i'd like a custom tattoo from him and i dont know what todo.

His custom drawing looks pretty good.

What do you guys think of this guy? Any suggesttions and opinions are muchapreciated. I know a tattoo is for life and i need to take the right decisionabt this.

Here ive found some referince pictures

Would you recommend me other guys that do better custom tattoos.


  • Looks good to me, very nice work. If he tattoos in the style you'd like i'd go for it. Drop by & get a feel for the place & have a chat to him, see if he is really into your ideas & if he's someone you'd feel happy working with
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    I can recommend Kaya Tatoos Dumbarton road, near Byres Rd. The tattooists have different styles and can recommend which style would suit your taste to create a custom design. (e.g. one is really into Japanese type tattoos). Pop in and have a chat, it's a big decision so worth visiting a few studios and chatting with them.
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