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MSE News: More homes can get Warm Front heating grants

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MSE News: More homes can get Warm Front heating grants

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"A million more households are now eligible for insulation grants, after government changes came into force today ..."


  • Curious. Had a visit from WarmFrontLtd and have been offered free loft insulation on the warmfront scheme but I not on any benefits. They told me that the energy companies realise that they will miss their targets to reduce ommissions so are offering it to more households as "there are not enough houses with people on benefits/pensions etc" to hit target!
    So, I can get that (I think) but they didnt ask who my energy company was so who pays them?
    Any answers out there? Thanks
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    Warm Front Ltd are not the Warm Front scheme run by Carillion on behalf of the government - they're a small company in Audenshaw that are just ripping off the name.

    Real warm front:

    Audenshaw warm front:

    Compare the logos.
  • thanks for the info. I realised they are different but wondered how they can offer insulation for free?
    who do they get paid by when I am not on benefits?
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    2obsessed wrote: »
    thanks for the info. I realised they are different but wondered how they can offer insulation for free?
    who do they get paid by when I am not on benefits?

    I have applied in Chester through Warmzone even though I am not on benefits, it seems that Scottish Power and Cheshire West are footing the bill around here, irrespective of who you use for power.
    The offer

    • Households in receipt of a qualifying benefit: free of charge
    • Households aged 60 or over: free of charge.
    • All other households: now free of charge for loft insulation and cavity wall insulation
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  • Hi,
    someone cold called the other day and left a very sketchy and incomplete quote (no figures or any of the boxes completed) for loft insulation from Carillion energy services. Apparently this is 'free' but we need to pay VAT of £149. Is this right or a rip off?


  • Hi there

    I was assessed for a warm front grant in 2006 and had some minor rubber draft insulation applied to my windows. The assessor said that as I had qualified I had a pot of grant money in the account under my name and (as I had expressed concerns about my temperamental boiler) if I should need the boiler replaced in the future then it would be there for me. The gas board will not sign off my boiler as safe now (I have had it repaired several times at my own expense) so I called the warm front team. They told me that I dont qualify under the new criteria and I told them that I had already applied and the information I was told by the assessor at the time. My circumstances have not changed since my original application. The lady told me that the government had cut all the grants and I had to reapply. I asked her where it said this. She said she didnt know but I wouldnt get the money anyway. I also rang the government department, I think they are called DECC, who were searching for the wording that said I needed to reapply under the new criteria and they couldnt find it either. I am disabled with a child in full time education and divorced so would like to know where I stand as I cant afford a new boiler. The young lady also said if I rang the energy saving trust there would be many grants available there. She gave me the number and I telephoned them and they said there werent any and didnt know why she told me this :(. On Warm Front's website it says they must give you accurate and not misleading information. I am afraid that hasnt been the case at all for me. I am still waiting to see the wording that says I need to reapply and requalify for the money I was told I had in my warm front account. I will also point out that when I asked this simple question I was met with a fairly hostile response when the answer could not be provided, which is not the way to deal with people. I have also scoured the website and cant find the information. It says the criteria applies for new applications.
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