How DO YOU feed a family on <£250?

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I keep seeing these posts where people say how they feed their large family on like £200 or £250 a month and I can't help but wonder how you do it?
I know it says get on over the Old Time board. I've been there, theres a lot of posts and some are 100's of pages long with the info in there "Somewhere".
My family groceries spend is £60pw for 2 adults, 2 Teens and 2 dogs and thats for food and anything else that would come from a supermarket (Shampoo, razors, toothpaste deodorant etc) and I never manage to stay in budget - so I can't help but wonder where I'm going wrong.
Do you like live on beans and lentils? Porridge? 11p ASDA noodles or what? I find it a struggle, in fact I just can't manage to come in on budget now the kids are teens though I used to well enough. Prices go up. Wages don't, but if others can then I ought to be able to too.
I got a good cook book at the charity shop this weekend and theres some ideas in there and on the web
Any threads I should concentrate on?



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  • wyebird
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    And this is weezls famous site
  • Jim - also visit supermarket when they are reducing items. My local tesco reduces items to 10p on a Friday and saturday night so you can pick up good food items then
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    £60 a week for four people, two dogs and with toiletries and cleaning things thrown in?! I think you are doing pretty well. Our budget for supermarket shopping for the four of us (also two adults and two teens), and no animals, is £20 a day. And meat, which we buy directly from the butchers, is on top of that.
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    You have to take account how much you spend on alcohol as that clearly can make a big difference. Whether you include lunch meals in it too, how much meat you eat, how much you cook from scatch etc...
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    I`m single and feed myself on approx £100/mth.

    I am also an expert shopper in Asda in the Oops aisle & chilled cabinet as well as an expert buyer of BOGOF`s.

    This will all end in 3 months time though ! (see my sig for details)..
  • FBaby wrote: »
    You have to take account how much you spend on alcohol as that clearly can make a big difference. Whether you include lunch meals in it too, how much meat you eat, how much you cook from scatch etc...

    Usually nothing on alcohol. Sometimes £1 or £2 on cider. I take lunch to work, sandwich, pretty plain fare as I'm diabetic, but it was never fancy. I don't smoke so nothing on that either.

    As for reduced things, yes I lurk around the reduced aisle and can do well, but it is a bit down to luck as to who get there first. I do hang about while they reduce stuff but I do get a little tired of the dirty looks and feeling like a vulcher. I'm not that proud, if it feeds the kids and if needs must - but it's a bit hit and miss and there is competition.
    Sometimes theres lots reduced, often theres not.

    Meat - I try to buy little and what i do buy I use in recipes that stretch it out. What would have done me alone 3-4 years ago I now make go around us all with the use of rice, pasta and curry but I'm still seriously impressed at the claims here - It's not like vegetables are inexpensive any more.

    Thank for the leads folks
  • In the summer. Grow stuff. Dirt cheap and doesnt take long. Easy cheap stuff:
    Spring onions

    I focus on the stuff that costs a lot and doesn't taste as good when bought.
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    I'm confused, you say you can't understand how you feed a family on less than £250 yet you do it, unless you mean your aim is £60 but your always way over?

    My budget is £200 i have 3 young kids and 2 dogs, milk and fruit take up a huge chunk of my budget, our dogs get a rather fancy complete dry food that we get direct and buy in bulk with family members which makes it cheaper than supermarket brands.
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  • Quintwins- The op does say they never stay in budget in their first post
    Don't trust a forum for advice. Get proper paid advice. Any advice given should always be checked
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