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Washing umbrellas?

edited 18 September 2012 at 3:07PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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Freebie_FreakFreebie_Freak Forumite
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edited 18 September 2012 at 3:07PM in Old Style MoneySaving
Can anyone advise please? I'd like to wash a smelly and grubby umbrella in warm soapy water to freshen and brighten it, but will this method mean that it will no longer be waterproof afterwards? Any help appreciated. TIA.



  • You can always reproof it after washing. I would say though, that is not cheap stuff, if you are only using a small amount.
    It may be cheaper to buy a new umbrella.
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  • pigpenpigpen Forumite
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    it would still be made of plastic so it would still be waterproof. most umbrellas are not 100% waterproof anyway due to the woven plastic fibres, there are still holes, just teeny tiny ones.

    Is it a cotton one laminated/coated or just a bog standard brolly?

    I'd bin it and buy a new one though.. or just use it and make sure it is properly dry before being put away.
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  • Just an ordinary umbrella I imagine, (I've inherited it!), not a plastic one certainly, but really pretty, full of colourful flowers so I'd really like to keep it, but reproofing would probably cost more than buying a new one so head would overrule heart! What I really want someone to say is that they've washed one and it was ok! Suppose if it doesn't work, I've lost nothing as probably won't use it as it is! Thanks for suggestions.
  • From my experience with washing tent canvas, use SOAP, not detergent. Start by giving the brolly a good sponge down with plain warm water and a non abrasive sponge, like a car sponge. Then use some ordinary bar soap rubbed into the sponge then onto the brolly. Don't rub too hard, it abrades the fibres. Then rinse, rinse, rinse...a garden hose outside would be best here. Don't forget to rinse the inside. Then alow it to dry while open. If you do need to reproof then an aerosol tin of Fabsil would be fine, usually about £6.
  • Wasn't this on Superscrimpers a little while ago? I'm sure I remember them saying that after you had washed your umbrella use cheap hairspray to re-coat it and make it waterproof again.
  • DippypudDippypud Forumite
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    I don't know if hairspray would work...

    but Lid* have a waterproofing spray for about a fiver...

    I re-do the seams on our sons bike jackets and it works fine...

    I'd recommend you let it dry properly before putting away again tho...;)
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  • Try wiping with a damp sponge and Bicarbonate of Soda powder to get rid of smells and grime, that way you should not loose the waterproofing.
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  • If re proofing doe'nt work and you like the fabric take the umbrella apart and re-use it. I've used old umbrella fabric as small picnic tablecloths and cut up for bunting.
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