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Does anyone know the cheapest place I'd get a pair of these trainers please?
With some sort of a discount code would help at the price they charge for them.
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  • andybk
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    i think you will be lucky , my wife bought a pair 12 months ago (they are good) but had to buy locally at full price as they need to be fitted ,and you need to be given instruction on how to wear them ,unbelievable but true (you do get a video with a new pair , so don't buy secondhand unless this is included ) they really do fit different to other trainers ,and require some practice before wear so just don't buy your normal size ,even then the store got the wrong size in and was very reluctant to change them as mbt wont refund them for wrongly ordered shoes , but after some pressure we got sorted as it was the stores fault , they give you a card to confirm when you are measured , We looked everywhere but he market was sewn up , you may be able to buy cheaper overseas but postage just cancels out the savings . But do get a pair they are great and well made , and will make the muscles work in your legs as you need to continuously balance when you wear them
    all the best andy
  • mae
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    What are these?
  • andybk
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    Masai barefoot technology a type of trainer that makes your posture better , as they make more of your leg muscles work harder , you actually balance on a slightly curved sole , sounds daft but they do work and are VERY comfortable , (according to my wife) http://www.barefootstudio.co.uk/mbt.shtm
  • neral1
    neral1 Forumite Posts: 94 Forumite
    I am 50 and thinking of buying one would they be helpful? Any comments?
  • monsieur_epargnant
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    I think they have an offer on at the Vitality show atm. Only on till tomorrow night 6pm though!

    edit: Yes they are actually and heres a link to the exhibitors details including what looks like a mobile number
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  • andybk
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    neral1 wrote: »
    I am 50 and thinking of buying one would they be helpful? Any comments?

    i think you may need a pair !(unless you have one leg) :rotfl:

    yes they are ok for older generation , the man that sold them to my wife was late 60s and said he didnt wear anything else
  • clarkeyi
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    I sell them on ebay, if you look for seller topstrainers2007 or try link http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZtopstrainers2007QQhtZ-1QQfrppZ50QQfsopZ1QQfsooZ1QQrdZ0

    If you are interested please buy
  • lisyloo
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    I am 50 and thinking of buying one would they be helpful? Any comments?

    I have a pair and so does my husband.
    Anecdotally I can say that I think they are great (no connection with the company).

    Our dance teacher said he saw a massive different with my husbands posture and he is not connected to the company.

    Two downsides to mention:

    Most of the styles don't look very nice IMO as they are very chuncky. Less of a problem for men (with trousers) but more difficult for ladies.

    They are a nightmare on the tube (or bus).
    The sole is not flat. You rock on them continually which actiavtes your muscels. This makes things difficult if you are "in motion".

    But overall I would say they are worth the money. They are very well built and will last a long time so you have to look at them as a bit of an investment.

    Personally I would buy them from a shop and not off ebay. I get free laces via the shop so overall you may lose out if you buy somewhere unofficial although I guess it depends on what discount is on offer.

    Beware you may need a size smaller in MBTs than your normal shoes so be careful to try for size in a shop before buying on ebay. I don't think the sizes are standard.
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