Car insurance borderline write-off - are they not offering me enough?

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Last week I had another car pull out of a driveway and go into the side of me. It was totally his fault and I have a witness to prove it (he nearly went into him as well).

I've just had my car looked at by a repair shop and insurance person and they say the damage comes to about £1000. He said they are happy to do the repairs but if I wanted to make a write-off claim they would have to take more details, which I let them do. So they say they would pay me £1050 minus the £150 excess which I think is a couple of hundred less than what the car is worth. The insurance guy says this is the cost of the repairs and not the value of the car.

Is this normal for a write-off? I thought they would always pay the value of the car. I'm not sure whether to refuse this offer and ask for more, or could that make them less likely to pay out? :confused:

I hope someone with more understanding/experience of car insurance can help!




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    You should be offered the market value. That isnt the price of a car from a garage as this includes dealer mark up for profit.

    Seems odd what the guy is saying.

    Generally the best bet is to review the net/car magazines/local papers for cars EXACTLY the same going for more than the offer they have made you.

    Pop them in the post and ask them to review their offer

    Good luck
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    Who are you claiming off - your own comprehensive insurance policy or the other drivers insurance company?

    If the latter, they are offering you the cost of repairs and that would be an acceptable solution.
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    Thanks for both of your replies.

    Looking more into the price of my car on autotrader I suspect the amount being offered is about right. To be honest im not sure whose policy I am claiming off! But since the accident was the other driver's fault, I think it must be his. Although my insurance company (Tesco) have said the other driver's insurance company know nothing about the incident - but I dont think they have to notify them if he is not claiming.

    I do have to pay £150 excess but as far as I know this will be claimed back from the other guy's insurance (Churchill).

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    Everyone has to inform their insurance company if they are involved in an accident regardless whether they claim or not.
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