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This is my first time here, so i hope i do OK!!
Has anyone won over a borough council to reduce the car parking fee or indeed, have it squashed for a legitimate reason? I would love to hear from you with any advice with the following...I parked in my local town in a borough council car park, and paid at the pay & display for the ticket (£1) for the hour as requested. Having realised my mistake that i would have to walk to the other side of town to take the weeks takings from work to the bank, which as a lone female, i really wanted to avoid a possible mugging!! i got back in my car and parked closer to the bank in a car park also owned by the same borough council, and left the pay and display ticket on the window, and went to the bank. When i returned i have a £30 fine on the window for not having a valid ticket displayed (only because it had the name of the other car park on it) and after i checked the parking charges in this car park, it was 30p more for the hour.
I wrote to the ticket issuer and explained as above and said i genuinely did not realise that there was a difference of 30p and as i did not exceed the time on the ticket could they please let me off the fine.
They have wrote back this morning and say they are unable to justify withdrawing the excess charge, so i must pay the £30 within 14 days.
The tight wads!
I would appreciate any ideas on how i might get this fine withdrawn, as i think it is a little excessive, and i never normally ask for anything, until i have been listening to Martin that is! (what a great bloke!)
Thank you in anticipation.


  • Andy_L
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    Did you display a valid parking ticket?

    No you did not

    Suck it up and pay the fine
  • balsingh
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    Unfortunately, the local council are only likely to cancel tickets if they were issued in error. As far as they are concerned, they issued the ticket correctly. I know it sounds harsh but its usually the driver who must make sure that the correct fee is paid. I have been caught out in the past for a similar reason where the free parking time limit went down from 1 hour to 45mins. I got a ticket and tried to contest it. They replied saying that the ticket was issued correctly and that I should check the restrictions every time I park up . Suppose they were right!!
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  • Yeah, Thanks! Andy L...Your comment was really helpful......
  • Thank you x I appreciate your comments, and am glad to see that im not just the only one! You are quite right in what you say, its just a shame that they have no "give" for us who make a genuine mistake, i have never had a parking ticket before, as i always pay & display, so i suppose i found this quite harsh especially over just 30p!
    i will just have to pay the fine and put it down to experience. Thanks again.
  • Hermione54
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    These fines are for revenue raising - they are a form of taxation. That is why the councils never give an inch and will only repay you if they can be proved to be in the wrong.
  • AMO
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    Fines are always revenue generating - it's not like the cash gets donated to charity or anything. People think that this is a bad thing. The revenue is used to further ensure that services are provided correctly.

    This was a correct judgement with a correct penalty applied.

    If the ticket was 30p, then it wasn't a big deal to pay it a second time in the first place. 30p is very cheap and the driver should not have been gambling on whether to take a chance on 30p.

    Sounds harsh, but I don't recall any car park where you can park in one and pay at another. It's not like its an obvious mistake to make.

  • C_Ronaldo
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    my mum got a parking ticket overturned, she parked in a spot that was just for unloading/loading but there were no signs indicating this
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