Real-life MMD: Should I cut back so I can sponsor a marathon run?



  • I was also sponsored to climb Kilimanjaro. Rather than choose the option of having to raise a minimum sponsorship and paying a deposit way, I paid for the whole trip myself and paid out over a thousand of my own money. That way every single penny of what I raised went to charity. Between my friend and myself we raised circa 3k.

    Is that really so bad?

    No, that's not bad at all. But I have known people who've done things like that where they had to raise some minimum sponsorship amount in order to take part (even if they were covering the costs of the actual trip themselves) and they sent the most awful, guilt-tripping emails to people demanding sponsorship. One of my colleagues was once doing a trek along the Great Wall of China and when he hadn't raised enough sponsorship he sent an email which went something like 'I haven't raised enough money so please sponsor me because otherwise I'll have to give all the money back and all the starving children I'm raising money for will DIE'. That's just not on.

    But raising money from willing sponsors who are happy to support you, without any guilt-tripping involved... well, why not?
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    I know frequently that people who are very well off give ridiculously low amounts - one man at work was a magistrate, had 5 companies he ran and did the job I was at and would give £5 maximum for anything, very tight fisted! :mad:

    I don't think it's fair to call him tight fisted based on those facts alone, although of course you probably have other reasons for forming that opinion of him. Depending on how many people you sponsor (I get a sponsorship request pretty much every week), £5 every time can add up to quite a lot, and you may already give a significant chunk of your income to charity via Give As You Earn or similar.

    As others have said, it's a very personal matter and I don't think it's fair to judge people for how much they give or who they give it to. My personal view is that if you can't or don't want to give, then just don't - no explanation needed. In my experience there are very few people who will call you on it because most people understand that it's a personal choice.
  • When my mum did a midnight marathon walk for cancer research, she had friends who didn't support the charity, but still thought she was amazing (Which she was at 60) and so they bought a good luck card and baked her a good luck cake to show they supported her, rather than the charity.

    I'd do something similar, or have him round for tea and biscuits, give a good luck card, and then explain that you wish you could actually donate but it's a bit tight at the moment. If he's anything like my Mum he will appreciate the support and if he's the sort to do things for charity, I'm sure he'll understand.

    This summer I had like 7 friends do big charity things, and I really felt the burn in my pocket. I regretted it a few times, as some of the friend's didn't even thank me. £20 is a lot to me! Even £10 in some cases...
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  • I have been in the same position – my best friend has three sporty daughters who were always asking me to sponsor them. It became a continual cycle of cash demands for any and every charity as I didn’t like to say no.
    Eventually I plucked up the courage to say ‘no more’. I told them I was not being mean, but that I supported my own charities. To my surprise they were not offended, and are still my friends. They still ask me as they know now that I will occasionally give between £2 and £5 (depending on how flush I am at the time of asking) as a total – no more £s per mile/second/etc…….but the difference is that I now don’t dread them knocking on the door.
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    AnneMary wrote: »
    I reckon your options are:
    Sponsor him but for a lesser amount you can afford - with a quick sorry things are tight this year and I feel bad because I really admire you for doing this.

    What I wouldn't do is make things difficult for yourself because of feeling under obligation.

    I totally agree.

    Either give a tiny amount that you can afford or explaain you can't afford to give at all but please don't feel bad about it.
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