Any Way I Can Find My Insurers?

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I can't find my insurance certificate! I know I re-insured the car, as I would have needed the certificate. As a true MSEer, I always change my insurance company each year, for the cheapest quote. My renewal was all around the time my mother died last year, so I was in a bit of a state, maybe I've thrown it out, as I'm usually so organised.

Is there anyway of anybody checking who I'm insured with? Insurance companies seem to be able to tell who your with previously, so I wondered if anyone had access to an insurers database, where my registration would show up?

I'm not usually this dippy, it was a bad time for me!


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    Possibly and it will cost you £10
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  • Fantastic, they said they'd turn it around in 24 hours.

    Being a true MSEer, does anyone have access to the Motor Insurers Information database?

    I can confirm all my details to prove I am me!

    Grateful for any responses.

    Thanks again for the info on the form.
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    Can you remember how you paid as you can always check old bank statements or credit card bills for amounts being taken from your accounts by insurance companies?
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    Queries for either the CUE (claims and underwriting exchange) and the MII databases are governed by both DP laws and company information rules , which mean that access to it is only really for company use. Use of either of these is mostly restricted to claims technical staff who have need of it in special investigations, and their access and searchs will be auditted monthly/annually.

    So no, basically ;)
  • Hi, I've done the statement search this evening, typical, one statement missing, probably the one I need! Anyway, promising amount went out of my bank statement to pay the credit card for that month, just doesn't tell me who the insurer would be. What a mess. Never lose your mum, it does your head in, and a usually super organised person goes to pieces!

    Anyway, sent off my £10 to the MIIC, thanks for that post - they said they'll turn it around in 24 hours, so I'll be sorted by Monday.

    Didn't think about the old data protection - makes sense.
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