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MSE News: Olympics U-turn as feel-good-factor creates 87% support

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MSE News: Olympics U-turn as feel-good-factor creates 87% support

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Sports and Fitness MoneySaving
"Olympics fever and Team GB's phenomenal success has led to a complete transformation in public attitude ..."


  • jobdone1jobdone1 Forumite
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    I was slow off the mark with support, But i have loved every second of the games and i an convinced this country can hold its head high and be very proud to be British, Our Olympians have served our country proud and all those involved right from the volunteers to the media, Transport, Security etc we should all stand proud of what the other critics though we could not achieve. Lets all give ourself a pat on the back WELL DONE.
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    veganlineveganline Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    There's a government consultation at the moment about whether bankers like Fred Goodwin should go to prison. Emotionally, I think that those who diverted £9bn to the Olympics should also go to prison. The money is paid in taxes for services like disability benefits, housing benefit, and income support which are all being reduced in scope while the NHS is kept in a fixed amount of money. Meanwhile council day services for people at risk of needing residential help - usually old peoples homes - have been cut to the point that the cuts are irrational and loose money. Few politicians want to cut welfare state services, although a lot are quietly neutral. Too many politicians are selective in what budgets they think about at any one time: they want more spent on this, then they want more spent on that. They do not debate "either this or that (which was promised decades ago)", and commentators, like the people who reply to opinion polls, are no better.

    If I met Olympic supporters face to face, I suppose I would be polite, so I should do so in writing, but I would cheerfully close the whole department for culture media and sport and its grant-artist acolytes if it restored help for the disabled unemployed and elderly who all paid taxes into the welfare state in better times. What a happy thought. It is cheering me up already:) In fact the Olympic Committee were at a special showing at the Royal Opera House recently. Blowing things up without permission is dangerous & probably illegal, but who can resist pleasure in the thought?:smileyhea
  • Sharon87Sharon87 Forumite
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    I was nervous at the start of the games, because of how I thought transport would be, and also thinking we might make a fool of ourselves as a country. But since the opening ceremony I loved it. I was looking forward to the Olympics before, I was just nervous about it.

    But the success of everything, Team GB's success, the transport being ok, or sometimes even quieter at times, the coverage of the games and the events in London including Hyde Park where you can soak up the atmosphere watching the large screens. I've enjoyed it. I did need a day or 2 where I didn't watch much Olympics though, I think I had an overload of Olympics the first 10 days!
  • VoucherManVoucherMan Forumite
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    Well I for one haven't changed my view.

    Many are enjoying it and good for them. Given the medal haul I'm sure it's been a moral boost to a lot of people.

    The financial cost / benefit is questionable though and it will be a long time, if ever, before the true figures are known.

    As for my view - at the start I couldn't give a ****. Two weeks later the constipation has eased, but I've still no interest.
  • So the sprots day is over!

    We spent £9 Bn on the games and got what?

    We gave bankers billions of our tax money and the peeble tossed into the sea gave a ripple before is settled with others that are lost.

    My local Police station is closed, officers made redundant, people losing jobs. NHS in Aylesbury not paying the wages!


    I have to pay for my hobby, some sports stars get millions for theirs!
    I hvae nt snept th lst fw mntes writg ths post fr yu t cme alng hre nd agre wth m!

    Cheers! :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:
  • fluffpotfluffpot Forumite
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    Well I live in London, so paid twice for the games - once though taxes and then thought council tax - but do you know - I'd pay it happily again. The atmosphere in London was great - everyone smiling and happy, PEOPLE ACTUALLY TALKING TO EACH OTHER ON THE TUBE!!

    Let's have it every time

  • balletshoesballetshoes Forumite
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    It was obvious to me, (here in the Midlands, miles away from any of the Olympic action) that lots of people I know started off thinking "this Olympics has nothing to do with me, I couldn't care less". However, momentum has definitely gathered throughout the Olympics, with folk getting enthusiastic and enjoying seeing London and the Olympic venues at their best. The gamesmakers have been applauded throughout, from athletes, officials, and spectators alike, they have been an inspiration in their attitude. We have shown the world a friendly, happy and quirky London.

    I am excited for the Paralympics too, I'll be there at the Excel and the Olympic stadium in a couple of weeks time, and I can't wait to take my daughter to see it all and feel the atmosphere :).
  • NileNile Forumite, Board Guide
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    I am excited for the Paralympics too, I'll be there at the Excel and the Olympic stadium in a couple of weeks time, and I can't wait to take my daughter to see it all and feel the atmosphere :).

    Hello balletshoes

    If you plan to arrive early for your Olympic Stadium event, you'll have plenty of time to explore the Olympic Park.;)

    The flowers are lovely. The walk by the river is great. I was fascinated with the feature under the bridge. Water droplets fall from boxes mounted under the bridge and create words.:cool: They are best viewed at night/after dusk. My daytime photographs were useless but the nightime pictures have captured the words.:cool:

    Another good reason for arriving early is that you're more likely to get a seat on the tube............and it's less crowded at security checks.

    Enjoy your Paralympics experience.


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