calling back home ???

use to find the cheapest way possible, does not cover all cheap call providers but it does cover the low cost, no subscription ones. seems cool.

Been on the phone back home for an hour for much less then a bus ride  ;D


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    also see martin's stuff on home phone - currently is generally the cheapest - free calls to Uk landlines - only a 1p connection charge, and international calls v cheap in my experience.

    Rach :)
    Mum to gorgeous baby boy born Sept 2010:j
  • If you are going away to university, and need to call home you could... register your nearest pay phone with 18866 so you would get free landline calls back home and cheap mobile/international calls, the only thing is you would have to remember to remove the service once you finish there.
  • when our daughter went to uni last september we got her the deal on the tmobile 750 freetime package .... 750 minutes off peak and all weekend to landlines or t mobiles .
    Thats 25 mins a day . Used to phone us every evening after 7pm.
    current offer i think is about £70 for the year which includes a nokia 3100 handset.

    Daughters just gone off now to uni for year 2 .... with another one of these deals for this year.

    Incredible deal .
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