Would you press the ‘cancel the Olympics’ button?

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Poll started 6 Aug 2012

The 2012 Olympics are in full swing. Before it started we asked this question, and now we want to see if the results have changed.

If you had a magic button that could cancel the Olympics from happening in the UK, as if we’d never got it in the first place – would you press it?

Did you vote? Why did you pick that option? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click this


  • My opinion has not changed, I am still for cancelling the event.
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    My opinion has changed i love it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww :cool::p
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    mattytun wrote: »
    My opinion has changed i love it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww :cool::p
    Agree! I was so bleh and moany about it but now I've been to an event and watched some I love it!! ( I'm a Londoner)
  • I was happy it was here but wasn't sure I'd actually watch all that much of it, well you know what, I don't think the telly's been tuned to anything but Olympics coverage since the opening ceremony. The cyclists especially have been hugely exciting & impressive and I don't think anyone can argue that their continued success perfectly illustrates the positive legacy of holding events such as the Olympics. 10 years ago British Cycling was nowhere, 10 years ago the National Cycling centre in Manchester opened as part of the Commonwealth games park, 10 years on they are absolutely reaping the rewards.
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    torbrex wrote: »
    My opinion has not changed, I am still for cancelling the event.

    Same here. I thought carefully before voting the first time and nothing has happened to change my opinion - media hype and selective coverage eg minimal sailing, Greco-Roman wrestling but wall-to-wall Dai Green.
    Meanwhile, in the shadows the Tories dump on the Lib-Dem plans for the House of Lords and plot goodness knows what else.
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    It's a bit of a leading question I think.
    I voted 'cancel' last time and did again this time ; that doesn't mean i'm not "loving" the games.
    By using the phrase "No- I'm loving it" implies that to vote cancel is to say "yes - I hate it" and , for many people that is not the case. It is the huge cost that makes people balk not dislike of the games.
    I'm very proud of Britians olympians.

    P.S : Debs - can you stop teddyco posting please . He is spamming his 'rabbi' stuff all over the forum
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    I never understood the term 'swing voters' at general election time. Surely, I thought, people just have an opinion and stick to it. These polls have demonstrated exactly the oppposite.
    Anyway, it's nice to see some positivity at last.
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    I'm loving it!!!! (even though that's terrible grammar).

    Go! Go team GB! :j:j:j
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    [text responding to deleted post removed by MSE Team to keep thread on topic]

    I wouldn't cancel the Olympics, I think the opening ceremony was awesome and despite all the pre-games pessimism (much fuelled by the media) there's a real buzz about. It's certainly upped tourism in my part of the country too, with lots of French, Dutch and German visitors.
  • I don't object to major sports events. As long as they pay their way, that is. So:

    - The taxpayer should not be involved in funding them at all

    - *All* costs (e.g. buildings, security) should be paid for by the promoter only. The promoter should also pay, by the hour, for every km of road lane closed or reserved for the event, and for all other required services.

    A lot of people are making a lot of money out of the Olympics. So, if it is such a good deal, they should be putting up the funding as an investment. The IOC should organise this.

    The Economist magazine published an article last week showing that every Olympics has resulted in a net loss for the host country, even including all the so-called benefits (most of which don't really exist). The public purse should never be opened to pay for such events.

    And anyway, if I said to you "Here's £9 billion to spend on the best thing you can think of for the good of the country", would you really put it into two weeks of running and jumping? Especially when the national (and continental) economy is in such terrible shape?


    PS The same applies to World Cup, Commonwealth Games, etc.
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