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MSE News: Hotel discount deals under investigation

"The OFT is concerned, Expedia and InterContinental Hotels Group are limiting discounts..."


  • Dave_saveDave_save Forumite
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    This probably explains why most of us could never find those 'bargains' these companies were proud of advertising.
  • zerogzerog Forumite
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    Dave_save wrote: »
    This probably explains why most of us could never find those 'bargains' these companies were proud of advertising.

    No, it's because you aren't sad enough to spend your whole life online refreshing a page every 2 minutes to see if a new 'bargain' has popped up.
  • leicsmarkyrleicsmarkyr Forumite
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    Be interesting to see if IHG remove their "find us cheaper anywhere else, we will give you a night free" offer
  • PincherPincher
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    Hotels? Who has the money for hotels?

    Hostels, that's the way to go. You should see the backpackers in the Green Tortoise in San Francisco.
    With manicures like those, they were going nowhere near a tent.

    Ten years ago, I stayed in student accommodation in Shanghai (empty over summer) for a month: £10 a day including air-con. The restaurant was amazing. Sad thing is, the teachers could only afford cheap noodles, and the students were ordering the good stuff, which were ridiculouly cheap by London standards.

    £19 a night in Travelodge is my limit.
  • budgetflyerbudgetflyer Forumite
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    What would be the point of ICH giving a small travel agent say 10% if all the agent did was use that commission to undercut ICHs prices. I don't think thats fair really.

    If they sell a seperate, more restricted package, fair enough or they can maybe use some of the commission to throw in some extras ie airport lounge access, local attraction tickets, meal vouchers etc to give some value ,but to bite the hand that feeds you isn't a great idea.
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