100% wool blankets...washing?

Hi all,
i managed to pick up 2 100% wool Tweedmill blankets today at a CS, I would like to freshen them up but it does say to "dry clean only".
Has anyone ever washed a wool blanket before? I was thinking to handwash it, they are not that big.
Any advice? Thanks.


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    Only wash it on cold, on the delicates cycle, or it will shrink.

    I bought a beautiful black coat from the cs once and washed it in quite warm water. I then watched it shrinking on the line!
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    I wash anything in the machine

    Only thing I've EVER shrunk was a pair of grey wool trousers I got from warehouse for £19 instead of £40. When I was still at high school (weekend job wages).

    But I wouldn't go by my stupidity, lol! I guess it depends how much of a risk you want to take
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  • With washing wool there are two things that are important -

    do not allow to stand in water - so if using machine, drain and spin as soon as the wash finishes, if handwashing, dont leave in bowl too long

    rinse very thoroughly - if it appears to have shrunk once dry, rub the fabric between your fingers by your ear -if it sounds squeaky it needs another clear rinse
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    i have a 20 min cold wash on my machine which i put on a really slow spin that i wash things like your blankets on - not shrunk anything yet!
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  • Put them through a rinse cycle with some vinegar and line dry
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    Thanks so much everyone! Thought it defeated the object to go and have them dry cleaned!
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    i never dry clean anything, a quick cold wash with a minimum spin works for me.

    I did take my very fancy dress to be dry cleaned and the lovely lady who manages the shop told me she would have to send it away (pure silk and loads of beads and detailing) to be done but it wouldn't have been back in time for my do; she told me to dip wash it in cold water using stergene and then hang it to dry which I did, I then took it back and she pressed it for me for not a lot.
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  • I have a woollen blanket which is probably older than me & has no washing instructions - I put it on a wool cycle in my washing machine & it is fine.
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    Don't bother washing them. Put them out on the washing line for a few days. They'll get rinsed out with rain water, dried by the sun (!) and blown around by the wind. They'll end up nice and fresh. Wool doesn't hold smells like synthetics and they'll respond well to what is basically a cold wash and air dry. It works for the sheep after all!
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