Christening Gift for Godson/Daughter?

Hi all

Anyone know what I need to get for my godson's christening?
What's the traditional gift and also anything else different from the norm'?

Anyone been a godfather recently, what gift did you get?
Any help greatly appreciated, in a right tiz here!


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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Try to avoid money boxes of any description (as they are always very popular and your godson is bound to get a few) and silver (for the same reasons)

    I was really touched when my best friend bought my son a St. Christopher.

    Also, past times used to do a christening mug which is really quite sweet and a bit different
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    My son was recently Christened. My favourite present was a pair of solid silver cufflinks engraved with his initials. They were classic but will also be of great use when he is older. A lovely but useful keepsake.
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    I bought a guest book off eBay. All the guests at the christening write a special message to the baby. Pictures can also be added as well. Everyone commented how original it was. Good keepsake and not stupidly expensive although if you are artistic it could be made a lot chaper.

    Rebecca x
  • My husband started a 'library' for his nephew/godson. We have sons of our own and knew which were the best books for children. He bought a few books to start off and some lovely stick on labels for the inside front cover. He bought good editions of books that he and his brother enjoyed as children. Now he adds to the 'library' at Easter, birthdays and Christmas in addition to his gifts as an uncle.
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    Thanks to everyone so far, great ideas.

    Anymore for anymore?


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    Part of the Furniture
    A dozen bottles of port from the year he was born/christened
    A Silver birthday cake candle holder.
    A set of all the coins (and or notes) in circulation from the year.
    Premium Bonds - my son has won several prizes from his.
    His initials made into a keyring.
    A bible - (as it is a christening)
    Plant a tree for him
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    Premium Bonds - my son has won several prizes from his.

    Nowdays only parents or grandparents can purchase premium bonds on behalf of a minor, and the minum purchase is £100!

    For my sons baptizm last year we let it be known that we would appreciate charity donations in his name as this was totally in the spirit of chirstianity & we felt a valuable lesson in learning that not everyone is as lucky as he is. We bought him an acre of preserved rainforest.

    Traditinally a godparent gives a bible but as many people like to give these there is the danger that your godson may end up with several, personally I'd avoid any of the traditional gifts or anything silver or engraved (tacky!).

    Nice alternatives for a boy are

    Cuff links
    A fountain pen
    A bottle of something to be laid down for his 18th (not champange, it doesn't keep this long)
    A St. Christopher
    A Steiff or Harrods limited edition teddy or similar

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    I brought my Godson a set of coins from Royal Mail as a keepsake.
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  • We have started a family tradition where one of us always gives a Quaich to the person being Christened along with a miniature bottle of malt whisky (not to be opened til 18th birthday obviously!).

    Quaichs are widely available and if you can't find one near you then check online, they can be bought for as little as about £16 each and it is nice to get it engraved with the name, date, and place of christening.

    See here for the history and to find out a bit more

    and here for some examples of sizes and prices available
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  • My sister was my son's godmother in december, she also bought me solid silver cufflinks with his initials though that was a lovely idea as boys are not really sentimental and I don't think he will want all the silver money boxes when he is 18! Don't bother with curl/tooth boxes - again you always end up with loads of those at a christening. My dad (baby's grandfather) named a star after him and that was lovely too as you get a framed map which is now on the wall of his nursery. I think this is something he will think is quite cool as he gets older aswell! The library idea is a nice one too.
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