MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Grant's been overpaid, should he keep it?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Grant's been overpaid, should he keep it?

Grant's been working at Phil's small garage for nine years. Barring the odd disagreement, the two have always got on well. Yet in his final paypacket he's been paid for the full months work, yet he's only actually done three weeks worth. Should he own up to the overpayment, or should he keep schtum?

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  • Grant should declare his bosses mistake can he be sure that he always gives 100% if was the other way round he would soon be in the office
    honest Ray.
  • Mark7799
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    Unequivocal - he should own up and be able to leave with a clear conscience.
    Gwlad heb iaith, gwlad heb galon
  • Mics_chick
    Mics_chick Posts: 12,014 Forumite
    I think if they got on well then he should own up about the mistake.

    But in my mind if I was leaving somewhere and they had treated me like a piece of dogsh*t on their shoes (which unfortunately I do have some experience of) then I would say nothing and just walk away with a smirk on my face :D
    You should never call somebody else a nerd or geek because everybody (even YOU !!!) is an
    "anorak" about something whether it's trains, computers, football, shoes or celebs :p :rotfl:
  • He should own up to the overpayment, regardless to his relationship with Phil.
    Be nice, life is too short to be anything else.
  • zzzLazyDaisy
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    funnily enough, that happened to me. I told the employer about the overpayment, but they insisted their calculation was right :-)

    Yep, he should tell them
    I'm a retired employment solicitor. Hopefully some of my comments might be useful, but they are only my opinion and not intended as legal advice.
  • Pound
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    Tell them, definetly.

    If the boss finds out about it later they have the right have it back. Grant might need a reference or even a job from them later and this will be affected if the employer knows Grant tried to fleece a weeks pay out of them.
  • sclo
    sclo Posts: 13 Forumite
    I would deffo own up. Is a friendship worth destroying? Would you really ruin your personal integrity for a weeks salary? I think not.

  • loadsacash
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    I think that he should tell him.

    A clear concience is more important than money - also he may need Phil in the future for a referance.
    Treat everyday as your last one on earth! and one day you will be right.
  • As he knows that he has been overpaid, if he does not give the money back then technically it is stealing. But it might be the wages that will cover his week in hand that he worked on first joining the garage. Did he receive any accrued holiday pay?
  • Poppy9
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    He should check the calculation as it maybe holiday pay owing or he may have been asked to leave on x date after he resigned and not work his full contractual notice. If this was the case then the pay maybe correct.
    :) ~Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone.~:)
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