Information needed about singing lessons/vocal coach for a child?

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I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place so please bear with me! I'm trying to find out information about singing lessons and vocal coaches. My 10 year old daughter is extremely enthusiastic about singing, she sings all the time whenever she can and wherever she can which can sometimes be embarrassing!

Anyway to cut a long story short, nearly everybody who has ever heard her sing thinks she's brilliant (I'm biased as she's my daughter so I will love her whether she can sing or not!) problem is that I've been advised numerous times to get her vocal coaching /singing lessons.

So firstly, how much *should* they cost per hour and how many hours roughly a week will she need? I am totally clueless when it comes to this sort of thing so please help!

I've uploaded a video of her on YouTube here :

It's not the greatest video, it was just me recording her on my camera as she asked me to so she could listen to herself, then a friend of mine suggested I upload it to Youtube so I did!

Anyway, if you think she's completely rubbish and will get no-where then please tell me that too as I don't want to unrealistically get her hopes up!

Thanks in advance for any information/advice you can give me! :)


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    30mins to an hour would be fine, 30 mins could cost £12 to £15
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    When I've looked on the internet, the advice does seem to discourage having singing lessons too young, but that does seem strange to me when you think that a kid who loves singing won't stop!

    My daughter started singing lessons at secondary school - she does 30 minutes at £13. (I think more than 30 minutes would be too hard on the voice.) I think of it like learning any other instrument rather than as the first step to a stellar musical career!

    If you can't get a personal recommendation, one place to look for music teachers is the music section of - have a search in your area to see if there are any tutors and the range of fees that they charge. It charges a small introduction fee to introduce you to tutors. We just used it to find a piano teacher, and it worked well - the main problem is that you have no idea if profiles are old, but I tried googling names to see if there was any other information about the teachers available.
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    Actually, thinking about it, maybe at age 10 I wouldn't rush to do singing lessons yet, but if she has an interest in guitar / keyboards follow that up first - if she wants to perform, it is great if you can accompany yourself rather than always having to use a backing tape, and it is all good musical knowledge.
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    If you need the information there are many online website available where you can get these kinds of information easily. Google can also help you to find the information about that.
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