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nram porting with bad credit

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angieplus4angieplus4 Forumite
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hi just a question really i am thinking of moving home and i reckon my home now is worth £220 we have a mortgage of £142. the property we are looking to move to is worth about £145. we are on a dmp and owe about £35k so our credit is naf and was wondering sbout porting our mortgage with nram and pay some of the mortgage back . our circumstances have changed since we have got this mortgage and my partner now earns less about 19k per year and i am a stay at home mum now would they still let us port or are we stuck any one no the answer to this would be greatly welcomed thanks in advance;)


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    I didn't want to read and run. I think you need to post this query on the mortgages and endowments board. This one is for people who are trying to pay off existing mortgages, so I don't think you will get the advice you need on here.

    Good luck, hope all goes well x

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