NatWest Your Points;What is the value to redeem

Does anyone know the value in pounds sterling of NatWest Your points. I have accumulated a significant amount and was considering redeeming them for Easy Jet flights but they seem to have very little value if your compare the cost of flights on the Easy Jet website and the number of Your points you require it seems next to nothing. For example If you had 10000 points what would these be worth.I cannot find the actual value anywhere.


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    They're worth about 0.5p per point, based on their redemption value for gift vouchers. So 10,000 would be worth £50. I collect these myself, and with the 2500 free points each year it's better than nothing! :beer:
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    2,500 points - £10 shopping voucher, or 2 Vue cinema tickets outside of London according to my welcome letter.

    Sounds like guesswho2000 got a slightly better deal than myself:j

    EDIT Sorry, 10000 does equal £50 vouchers, the letter made it sound 2,500 was worth £10
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